Under rated at 425HP

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  1. Back in the 60's they said it had only 425 in the stats when in reality it's something around 440, not exactly sure, they wanted insurance to be cheaper. Does anybody know the actual HP???
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    They cranked out over 500 hp. Very much underated and the 426 Hemi is one of the greatest engines of all time.
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    i'm with him.

    i've heard "somewhere over 500" to be the rumor myself. i'm inclined to believe it.

    hemis are definitely one of the greatest of all time.
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    i could beleive 500hp. They Rated the 340 at 265, when that really had around 350hp.
  5. 500 hp but 14.8 sec quarter mile ;-) ok now compare this 500hp with the e55's 500 hp
  6. You again... Have you looked at the transmission and weight of the car? That explains it fool. You take a new Dodge Viper 6 speed and fit it into this car and throw a few aftermarket parts and exhaust system on it and you'll be running 10's in 4th gear. And if you really wanna go there about weight, the reasons it's so heavy cause it isn't a paperweight car like your "glorious Supra", which hit by a pebble would crumple like paper.
  7. i dont care which car is more heavier or lighter i care about the speed.ur aint gona race weight.and as i told you dont change the transmission or the engine just basic mods and then race with a supra.
  8. anyway put the viper 6-speed on it.there is no way it could reach to 6 gear and if does,it would take a very long time.and the only way muscle cars are faster in quarter mile is because they put a drag racing slicks tires and their gear ratio is high,so it would take time to change gears during drag racing.
  9. hey supra. shut the fck up.
  10. I was going to explain every reason why a 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T is better than ANY Toyota Supra, but when I read "i dont care which car is more heavier or lighter i care about the speed" I realized that you're surely a 13 year old kid who loves The Fast And The Furious movie. Please go back to school, study a little physics or mechanic then come back and we'll talk.
  11. Um, did anybody think to mention that this ran 14's on skinny ass polyglass tires? no traction, tire tech has come a long way since 1970.
  12. Wieght is more important than power, the less wieght you have in the car the more your horsepower is worth, compared to modern cars a Challenger is an Oil Tanker, once again dont compare modern cars to classics.
  13. 1. The supra is no lightweight
    2. the supra has 23 years of 'advancment of technology' behind it
    3. everyone has a supra
    4. how can you forget the sound that a 427 Hemi would produce, sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it
  14. The Charger does come standard with 425hp and no more. And it actually nails a 1/4 mile quicker than 14 seconds. It's somewhere around 13.3 seconds

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