Undescribably beautiful!!

Discussion in '1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham' started by CadillacMan03, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. I would do anything to own this, to have it, and if anyone touched it id *uck them up! this is an automobile!

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    This thing is ugly. I don't care if it's old. It's ugly and has a ridiculous desgin. The only things cool about it is that it's a Caddy and it's old and it's in good condition. I would never buy this peice. It's a 3speed and wieghs as much as a bentley. It's obviously not easy to drive in the wet snow ice or even dry twisty raods. It's a 2 door but it's bigger than a 2002 Bonniville! Whole bunch of useless shapes in this car.

    I like simple clean lines, this is not one of those at all. I also like complex designs, but they have to have some sort of logic to it. Weather it be for performance or shaped for better interior egronomics or something. There is none of that here!

    This thing is a peice! And don't think I'm saying it because it's old and american. Not true I like old classics and I am a huge GM fan, but this thing is crap!
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    You stupid piece of shit. If you don't like a car, don't post. But to say this is ugly(that being your opinion) makes you a #$%#ing dumb loser.

    That is just pathetic, calling this ugly. Let's see how many agree with you on that. You #$%#face.
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    How can you say this thing is ugly, sure it has some strange shapes in various places, and indeed seems to be a curious mix of a few different cars, but it is (and again this is my opinion) one of the best looking cars i have ever seen, i happen to like all the bits that look wrong or out of place, i think it makes the overall thing look better.

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    it is a dream car even today and it rules. look at the price 60000$ for one in mild condition so let's be honest.
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    i suppose its 60000 cause its approaching the 50 year mark man....and its amazing

    these cars were not built by the bean counters at GM, they were designed with character and style that rarely comes along any more so they could be flag ships for the company

    what a sweet car
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    That is a awsome car and so much power!!
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    If you don't have respect for this car, then obviously you don't have respect for classic cars.
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    This car is F#%cking Bad @$$. Man, I would love to cruise the California coastline in this baby!!!!
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    well i agree with him u F**KING hypocryte shut the hell up b4 i punch u in the toe.... be afraid
  12. 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham factory specs.
    364.9 cu.in., 10:1 comp. ratio, (2) 4 bbl. carbs.,
    325 HP.,400 ft. lbs. torque,4 speed automatic transmission, tubular x frame, double wishbone air ride automatic leveling suspension, 126" inch wheelbase,61" track, 5200 lbs. electric windows, electric vent windows, power door locks,2 setting memory electric seat, automatic headlight dimming, self channel seeking am radio, electric open and close locking trunk, from inside the car, automatic start, 4 door hardtop, power steering, power brakes, automatic climate control, only available option (run flat tires). This car handled very well
    for its size, provided an excellent ride and would out accelerate most vehicles in production at that time. So what if it was ugly. At a price tag of $12,000.00 in 1957($5000.00 more than a Rolls Royce)
    You probably couldn't have afforded it anyway. Besides that the chauffeur drove it most of the time because the owner was most likely in the back seat stress testing the air ride on the hottest chick in town. Oh, did I mention it came with a vanity package that contained a cigarette case, womans compact, perfume spritzer, note book, mirror, and six magnetic based shot glasses. The vanity package alone, today is worth over $15,000.00. Anyway, I'm done. Good day.

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