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  2. unibrow lol
  3. La Fin du Monde is my fav.
  4. sounds like you're pretty screwed then :D
  5. Troi Pistoles for me.
  6. sounds like blanche de chambly is up your alley. can't say from experience as i've never had that varietal. la fin du monde is probably a bit much for your FAGGOT tastes. FAG. GAYWAD. you should be drinking out of pint glasses carved out of decomposing tree stumps all full of bear shit and fire and stuff, the #$%# is wrong with you.
  7. I trust you.

    Lately I've been getting into darker beers. As long as it's not like Guinness, I'm good. I haven't quite gotten to that stage yet.
  8. Guinness isn't heavy at all and is only like 4% abv.
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    I think I'm gonna grab the Blanche, Don De Dieu and La Fin Du Monde. Then maybe try a darker one next time.

    I'm gonna listen to this song while I drink these beers.

  10. It's just so #$%#ing malty.
  11. Then again, it's been years since I've tried it. I had a really dark beer with a meat-heavy dinner over christmas and it was REALLY good. Very chocolaty.
  12. don de dieu is my fave.
  13. Trois Pistoles is so good.
  14. you should only have guinness if it's on tap. bottled and canned guinness is typically cultured with either lard or fish oils, which isn't pleasant to think about, and it's also not as good as when it's on tap.

    guinness is probably one of the best pint-chugging beers out there, though.
  15. Yeah, this.
  16. I didn't like la Fin Du Monde
  17. might it have been longboat chocolate porter?
  18. Just get a six pack of asahi and a 2l of ginger ale. 50/50 mix and it's YUMMY.
  19. Trois Pistoles and La Fin du Monde are my favs.
    Maudite is not as good as those two, but still an excellent beer.
    i havent had Blanche or Don de dieu yet, they aren't as common here.
  20. i had a bottle of raftman last saturday. it was kewl.
  21. diabetic yet or what man
  22. lol, shandy.
  23. so, how it was?
  24. funny because brennan made me drink it.
  25. heh ... hheeee nis is si sii is toooso dutunkks totossposstt


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