Unimog vs H1

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  1. Forget about utility, which one is the cooler toy?
  2. Ok, Newer unimog definitely take over H1, 80's/90's mogs too. The H1 is cool and all, but unimog just screams "**** YEAH"
  3. Unimog, its easily my choice.
  4. H1 looks more badass
  5. Unimog, obviously.
  6. There must be something wrong. The results say 75% H1 and 25% Unimog but the replies suggest otherwise. It must be backwards.
  7. The whole image hummer has is 10 times more badass then a unimog, and Id love to have one to tow my toys to the dessert especially with a 600hp duramax.
  8. H1 Alphas are badass. If I was living in the desert or more flat areas where its bulk would be of better use, I would have chosen the Hummer.
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  12. h1, it's actually what got me into cars when i was a kid, and i still love them, there is nothing better and my opinion is extremely biased
  13. H1 Alpha, more badass
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  15. I believe their is a company that was swaping the diesel engine with a 502 crate engine.
  16. yh there called perol spillers
  17. unimog, my neighbour has one. it's badass.
  18. the unimog is alot better than the h1, but the h1 is cooler
  19. Unimog looks more unique, but I really want to have both (Humvee version).
  20. Unimog like whoa.
  21. obviously the mog.
  22. The Unimog is probably a better toy, but I would rather own an H1.

    EDIT: I drove an ancient Unimog 404 with some attachments once. Horrible tippy suspension motions at 30 mph. The things center of gravity must have been 20 feet above the roof.
  23. Hummer: pimped out rappers ride or stripped down military humvee. Cool, but so commonplace nowadays that no one even takes a second look.

    Unimog: Mean, purposeful, unique. It has much more history to it than that hummer (although most Americans don't even know it exists).

    Bottom line: The Hummer works better as an everyday vehicle, but the Unimog is cooler, more unique and special, and better off road.
  24. H1 by a long shot

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