Unjustified popularity.

Discussion in '2000 BMW Z8' started by Robertt, Nov 22, 2002.

  1. I think this car hasn't got enough attention, or buyers, if you compare to the design and all. I mean, it is very sad that you have such a nice car, but you hardly ever see it anyway. This car should have been a great seller, such as the SL Mercedes. But no. I really hope they would get the same kind of roof as they have on the SL so this car would get some popularity.

    I totally like the desing, and it simply looks perfect.
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    I totlly agree, i read a compare on a mag once it was this VS 360 Spider. I think this won.
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    WEll, wasn't the production limited to like 300 cars or something?

    I know that BWM didn't sell of of them here in Australia ;-(
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    Noo, it's a series production, but too many haven't been sold, like if you compare to the SL Mercedes, which can be seen so many times more often than the Z8. I've seen as many Z8's as SL 55's...
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    Are you refferring to the Vantage vs Z8 vs 360 Spider? Because if so, the z8 placed second, right behind the spider.
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    I hope the Alpina V8 will move this car in the picture again. With an auto box, i think more people will be interested in this car. Who wants to pay that lot for a car and then shift gears manually? Ok there are some of us, but mostly people wants comfort. I personally prefer the Alpina V8.

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