Unlicensed driver transports 17 kids

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    A man was caught transporting 17 children in a Mazda hatchback sedan without a licence in Khayelitsha on Friday, the City of Cape Town said.

    The 20-year-old driver had picked them up from their homes and was taking them to a crèche at a nearby military base.

    The children were between the ages of two and five. Three of them were on the front seat and the rest were in back of the car, with the seats lowered.

    The car was impounded after being deemed unroadworthy. The man would face charges overloading a vehicle and driving without a permit.

  2. haha wow, 17!
  3. abos can do better than that (17)

  5. #$%# me 17, thats just stupid. Why would you even try such a thing. Well I would if I was piss drunk but that's a differnent stroy.
  6. Maxi isn't impressed.
  7. is it
    is it really a different story
  8. ya 16 is one thing, buT 17!?
  9. $50 dollars say he is black.
  10. Its gouridebangzi driving his "bus"
  11. you're an idiot
  12. Now we know where Exer is.
  13. haha that dumbass
    I noticed that when dumb members leaves, it's like the remaining ones get dumber to compensate
  14. "The man would face charges overloading a vehicle"

    Were they American toddlers?
  15. when he parks he should make sure to use the EMERGENCY brake
  16. lol sutpid amercians
  17. Why would you use the emergency brake when there is not an emergency, thats a false alarm
  18. The emergency happens when you don't.
  19. It lacks tire
  20. I mean, if he just had a license all would have been well. That's why the author of the article bothered to point it out. Because it was crucial to our understanding of the illegality of his actions and the danger that the children were in.
  21. "The man would face charges overloading a vehicle and driving without a permit. "

    What a shitty justice system. Apparently they don't care too much on the safety of the kids.
  22. kids are actually pretty resilient

    they be alright
  23. I wonder if the driver is the father of all 17 kids.
  24. it was exer
    he was dating htem
  25. ah kevin smith

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