upcoming supercars til 2012

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  1. There is a black one at the local Audi dealership with a carbon strip and it has really grown on me. Black kinda hides the details though.
  2. that little brother of the Ferrari 599 GTB Fioarani is lloking pretty good, better than the Masertati Granturismo it is sharing the platform with
  3. i loooooooooove the M1, and i would love to see a car of that beauty made by bmw.
    i'm sure BMW will manage to make the new one ugly.
  4. LOL.

    but what is a "infineon 32-bit-Flash-Micro-Controller"???

    And the one I'm most looking forward to is the Gullwing.
  5. are you #$%#ing kidding me? that bmw looks amazing.
  6. A CGT successor. That car will own.
  7. yeah it will. and a ferrari twin turbo v12 would be pretty nasty too!
  8. yes, but i really doubt it will be twin turbo.
  9. Any more info in the Enzo-successor?
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  11. i was pretty sure the enzo successor or F70 would have a TTV8 not a V12. and the successor to the F430 would share the engine but it would be detuned slightly.

    it was in a winding road issure ages ago when they talked to someone high up at ferrari at the 60th anniversary thing in england.
  12. Side intakes are very Gallardo
  13. That BMW is sweet. The Merc looks odd.
  14. LOL photos shops.
  15. more like CL coupe meets SLR meets 300 SL

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