Upgraded the VL a bit more!

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  2. Thatz sik az bro!
  3. not bad you have to love it when the old in the Vl meets new commodore parts in VZ mags, why did he already have a set of VZ mags or did he pull the of his new car or something
  4. i have absolutly no idea where he got them? i dont think you can get them by themselves yet can you?
  5. if he brought a VZ and brought a set of after market mags then he would have them.
  6. nice wheels, hadnt seen a pic of them before then but i like them. and 200 is a very good price. got any pics of your car with the wheels on?
  7. you cant get stock wheels for under $1800 for small ones $200 is an incredible price
  8. not yet man, but i'll try to get some within the week, and i'll post them in this thread.
  9. did they go on easerly
  10. actually no, they didnt, some lil hub in the middle of the actual wheel, where the mags bolt onto wouldnt allow the centre caps to go on, so we had to file down that little hub thingy
  11. i didn't think they would. I had a set of VT SS mags that i tried to put on my VL it wasn't that easy
  12. so wait, your how old now? you seem to have owned quite a few cars.............
  13. He is 18.
  14. I had (and still have) 6 cars when I was 18
  15. Yes, but do you see doyle showing the brain capacity to even fill out his name on the change of ownership papers, yet alone getting a job anywhere to pay for a car?
  16. i am 19 you wankers almost 20 i have owned 3 cars in my life. An N14 sss a VL commodore and know a and know a VY SS
  17. What happened to your S14/13/15 Silvia?
  18. No it's not his, he just drives very dangerously in it, im sure the REAL owner won't mind, him being a champion drifter and all, lending a high power car to a 19 novice.

  19. You can get factory wheels provided they arent HBD ones or HSV ones.
  20. when will you relise i am not a novice. I was go karting when i was 5 i drove formula ford when i was 15. i quit racing because i didn't like the scene to many wankers. I can drive any thing you put in front of me.
  21. You mean you started wanking when you were 5? I wouldn't turn you loose with a wheelbarrow let alone a car.
  22. and you know me so well
  23. I believe him. Once that sideways air hits the GT wing, there's NO way he'll ever loose traction.
  24. wake up loser
  25. What are you going to do to an astra anyway.

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