UPS Delivers pot!

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    After nearly a month-long investigation, Arizona Department of Public Safety officials announced the seizure of a fake UPS truck packed with marijuana, local television station KPHO reported.

    Detectives seized the 2,118 pounds of marijuana, which has an estimated street value of nearly $1.2 million, from the truck Nov. 14 after a DPS officer and his drug-sniffing dog stopped the truck on the highway.

    When the truck stopped, the driver fled into the desert, DPS said.

    Officers discovered the bundles of marijuana, which were attached to makeshift burlap straps so drug carriers could use them as backpacks, in the back of the truck, DPS said.

    The truck was painted a shade of brown similar to the color UPS uses, DPS said. There were also reflective UPS decals affixed to the truck.

    The Arizona license plate was homemade, but the plate number was one actually assigned to UPS, DPS said. Additionally, the number on the "cloned" vehicle was also assigned to a real UPS truck in Tucson.



    I love it!!!
  2. 2,118 pouns, OMG!!
  3. terrorists wanted to dazeallof Arizona by setting it on fire
  4. how do you even pack nearly a metric ton of weed into the back of a truck? Seems like it would have to be packed really tight.

    #$%#in lol though man
  5. There's still budmail,I can't believe that shit flies in Canada.
  6. Probably some bricked up mexican dirt.
  7. holy shit that is the worst journalism i have ever read. such dry reading.
  8. Then you haven't read anything by Nick Farrell.
  9. low end ground delivery
  10. Pretty slick, really.
  11. I would imagine it'd be pretty easy to ship weed via UPS.
  12. We pack and deliver like UPS trucks, already going home just poppin our gats

    I fly like paper get high like planes if you catch me at the boarder i got visas in my name.
  13. that would be retarded. if for whatever reason they catch it, they know who its being shipped to so they come and arrest them.
  14. they can't arrest you for what is being mailed to you. they have no proof you ordered it or knew it was coming.
  15. Lol @ "SINCHRONIZING" on the side of the truck. If you're going to copy the slogan, at least spell everything correctly.
  16. wow didnt even catch that. thats profoundly retarded. dead give away that its a fake truck.
  17. You meen that it is spelled rong?
  18. You meen that it is spelled rong?
  19. You meen that it is spelled rong?
  20. You meen that it is spelled rong?
  21. this is why UPS is doing the best out of the 3.
  22. I've considered using our landscaping trucks to deliver / move pot. Everything stinks, so no smell. Lot's of greenery, and the cops never check the trucks.

    This is a good plan, who wants in.
  23. i get weed shipments all the time.

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