US donates $14 million to ....

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  1. Once again, one minute you're #%[email protected] because we're in other countries, but all the sudden you expect America to pay up when something happens? We've already given more than any other country, no one set a percentage we had to pay. America didn't have to give anything, but we did.
  2. I don't think they should die, but I do think they need to go back home.
  3. I thought the US was donating $35 million plus theyre sending over a Marine Expiditionary Unit and a whole damn carrier group. Theyre giving money and sending people to help. Wtf is canada going to send one of theyre damned submarines that dont work?
  4. I cannot believe Xterra owner is so blatently stupid. I mean seriously. I put up a hypothetical and he answered it in the worst possible way. (it didnt require an answer dumbass)
  5. morons like you simply stamp anyone defending the US in any given situation as doing it 'no matter what'. some might do it, but the rest of us resent them just as much as the idiots like homero who time and again criticize the country. the dumb thing is that you think that $14 million is "nothing". forget the fact that over double is already pledged to the effort. on the converse, if we spent $1 billion on disaster relief, the same group of idiots would be in here #%[email protected] about us further pushing 'irresponsible deficit spending'. so quit with the circle jerk
  6. Don't use retarded hypotheticals, and you won't get retarded answers.
  7. You guys are f**king Morons.
    The US gave: 35 million
    Spain gave:68 Million

    Hmm thats odd, the US is much richer but....oh wait I forgot they don't give a #$%# and they just want to seem nice.
  8. The US GAVE $35 million free of charge no strings attached. Spain offered A LINE OF CREDIT they want their damn money back
  9. Show me a news article where spain asks for its money back
  10. just because a few people on here critisze don't group every one together canadas is making a huge effort. money, planes, personal and more
  11. is that socialism? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    edit- or [email protected] HARSH
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  14. sorry that was aimed at stewacide
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  16. Btw, where did the rich Sultans, Bill Gates, and Donald Thrump go? Are they gonna donate any money?
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    ...according to al Jazeera Canada is the #2 giver between the US and Japan, but of course it's quite a bit smaller than those two, so I think we're doing OK.

    Also note the relatively palty sums raised so far even with the massive exposure by private charity. As I said before your giving is pretty much irrevalent: much better to pressure the governent to do something.
  19. The sad/scary thing is that you're so sure. You don't need evidence or reason, you're Australian.

    The ONLY reason Americans defend the USA like we do is because people like YOU #%[email protected] about us non-stop. Hell, I've noticed many non-americans have started to help us because they're so sick of you assholes.
  20. Canada gave 40 millions.
  21. jesus my world is now shattered!
  22. Australias sent 28 million amongst other thing, like a war ship with a hospial and heli pad on board and body identifiers.
  23. Whatever we do, we will somehow look bad.
  24. Did the expenditure of MEU including the donation?

    If not why do the moronic Australian and Canadian bullsh!ting about?
  25. I don't think its enough, but no way in hell am I going to be upset over it. It will help a lot of people, and save lives.

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