US donates $14 million to ....

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  1. These other countries may be giving a proportionally larger amount of cash, but guess who's flying all the food into there. Guess who's transporting the fresh drinking water. Guess who is primarily coordinating the rescue effort at sea. The US. Randomly throwing out wads of cash doesn't solve the problem.
  2. What are you talking about? The preliminary figure given by the NZ government was in the millions.
  3. My info on that wasn't updated, I only heard that from One News the night after the incident, my bad.
  4. Dude, we have sent a whole bunch of personel, supplies, troops, in hercs, as well as a whole bunch of choppers, warships ect. We are also sending a full field hospital, so stop being so insular and ignorant in thinking that you are gods gift, and you are teh only ones doing anything.

    (thats said, prob gives us a good excuse to send our warships and troops smack bang onto indo soil)
  5. According to the wikipedia list, Sweden is giving $1.04 million

    Edit: According a press release from our government, Sweden is giving 500 million SEK = about $75 million
  6. I should have included Australia, as well. They're providing lots of logistical support, too. However, in most of these massive humanitarian efforts (in Iran, for example, after the earthquake), it is the US that is doing almost all of the heavy lifting.
  7. "The United States government has allocated USD 400,000 (EUR 300,000) to India, Indonesia, the Maldives, and Sri Lanka. Officials are currently working on a USD 4 million (EUR 3 million) aid package to help the Red Cross. Also, the United States has dispatched disaster teams to aid the nations affected. The United States is also preparing an initial USD 15 million (EUR 11 million) aid package for affected nations. An additional USD 20 million has been offered as an emergency line of credit.
    The United States has dispatched several C-130 cargo planes containing disaster supplies, six P-3 Orion aircraft for search and rescue support, and several teams from the State Department and the Defense Department to coordinate additional assistance. They are using Utapao Naval Air Base in Thailand as their regional hub. Additionally, the United States has offered assistance from its troops stationed in Japan. The aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, which was in port in Hong Kong, and a five ship fleet led by the USS Bonhomme Richard, scheduled for a port call in Guam, were dispatched to render assistance."

    15 mill in aid
    20 mill credit line.

    Thats horrible
  8. well its not really that much money in the scheme of things. And a line of credit is bullshit.
  9. i cant believe you lot turned it into a competition.
  10. everything in life is a competition whether you like it or not. You can be a winner or a loser.
  11. Its not about competition

    $150 Billion on fighting people in caves and tents but plenty of oil.
    $15 Million on aid relief for 77 000 people dead

  12. they have no interest in saving people, it's obvious.
  13. Didn't Canada give like, 40 million? wtf?
  14. No, I kind of doubt it. You're so #$%#ing stupid.
  15. read the thread.
  16. 15 million in aid
    20 million line of credit

    that is horrible.
  17. yeah all that non-monetary assistance c/o the US military and state dept. is so horrible.

    then again you're probably one of these fools that thinks throwing money at a problem makes it go away.
  18. a n00b agreeing with a n00b, go figure

    why is it that i laugh at this because all you stupid #$%#s who #%[email protected] about America as usual are complaining that we arent helping and should stick out noses in other peoples buisness
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  20. can i ask you how much money you have personally donated to the relief funds??
  21. you are a dipshit

  22. It would be nice to see the US donate 14 million to its own pathetic people for education or at least some kind of job security, instead of outsource.

    I think the US donated that money because they have factories oversees in these countries, and must pay for upkeep, its cheaper.
  23. oh c'mon dude stop bashing the US. Why are you being so mean when you must not be after all this tragedy?

    Off topic: So what happened with the girl you left pregnant? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  24. Don't know about other countries, But Sweden are goona donnate 500,000,000 SEK ($75,500.000).
  25. #$%# all you stupid mother#$%#ers, you people #$%#ing hate the US no matter what it does, but then demand that we donate the majority of funds to a disaster relief that has nothing to do with us at all. I dont remember anybody sending money to the US after 9/11. you stupid ungreatful shitheads.

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