US donates $14 million to ....

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  1. truth
  2. The flaw in your point is that US companies run those factories, not the US government.
  3. Yes, American is losting a competition of donation.

    American should withdrawn all the MEU, aircraft carrier fleet, transport aircrafts and helicopter fleets, all command coordination units and let your great American bashing @ssholes to do the great job.
  4. False like Washington's teeth
  5. They will probably donate more
  6. That's what I've heard they would.
  7. For all intents and purposes.

    The yanks didn't have to give anything. So all you anti American #$%# offs can suck balls.

    Bush has given more than any of you ever could.

    Where was Indonesia's donation to clean up after the September 11 hijackings? Oh yeah, they were parading around the streets cheering and burning US flags.

    #$%# em' I say.
  8. Yes September 11th was a tragedy, but not even close to the scale of this and there are american citizens in the region too.
  9. So?

    Flags still burned.

    And what about Bali? I don't recall any relief then either.
  10. Ther are more countries then Indonesia and Bali in thet region, and do you think its right to let them die just because somewone burnt a piece of fabric?
  11. I think you guys who say the Us is being stingy can just go to hell.
    Its either the Us is too involved with international affairs or it isnt doing enough. Never do I hear people say "thank you US for actually helping in the first place" No, the sad state of todays people is that donations have to be dick size contests. Thats the PATHETIC PART. Its like donating a dollar to a charity and they look at you in disgust. The Us isnt obligated to give shit to anyone, but we do, worldwide so shut the hell up.
  12. Again, I think you're missing a point. The US has donated a sizable amount of cash. This "per capita" ratio that some groups seem to hold with some sort of regard is shit. The fact is a lot of the poeple that are getting the money don't like Americans, but Uncle Sam is giving it to them anyway.

    What do I care? I'm neither American nor planning a visit to any of the shithole countries affected by the tsunami anyway.

    I'm simply reiterating the fact that when the Yanks do something stupid, the world comes down on them really hard, yet when they do something good, everyone critisizes them anyway.
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  14. The thing is that when the yanks do something stupid it hardly ever effects only them. I am not a USA hater, that is just how the world is.
  15. I'm sure all the thousands of enlisted men who were killed fighting a cause they didn't believe in would argue that with you.
  16. Getting everything wrong is also a way to stay pissed at all other countries in the world. I did not say that everything the US has done is wrong, but they have done some stupid things even though they dont know that them selves.
  17. its sad that it happened, it really is but steps were tkaing like the USGS trying to get in touch with the affected countries and tell them a tsunami is on the way. That right there is worth its weight in gold because the United States took steps to prevent this but no one listened till it was to late.

    just like 9/11 really didnt affect the rest of the world, this really has no affect on the United States so like the world did with 9/11 its not really that important to us
  18. What stupid things?

    For example, sending the MEU, aircraft carrier fleet, transport aircrafts and helicopter fleets, all command coordination units to the suffering area?

    This is simply bloody "stupid" to American.
  19. Over 200000 people could be dead. This is much bigger then 9/11, and these countries cant do this all by them selves they are poor.
  20. they are poor and many many people are helping. do you know how much its costing to run the military effort the USA is running to help these people. im pretty sure its not a couple of dollars.

    i compared it to 9/11 because its the last major tradegy to happen in the United States. of course its completely different but the point in the same
  21. "Natural selection"

    Personally I think its a good thing. Too bad it wasn't Africa or China.

    The world doens't need pockets of millions of sick poor people.

    Likewise, those who aren't poor and sick shouldn't be obligated to help those who are.

    It's not the responsibility of the rich to cater to the poor.
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    Aid: Per $ GDP figures expressed per $100 of Gross Domestic Product

    United States $0.06 per $100
    France $0.40 per $100
    United Kingdom $0.29 per $100
    Finland $0.28 per $100
    Australia $0.17 per $100
    New Zealand $0.12 per $100
    Canada $0.13 per $100

    USA loses.

    Per Capita GDP of Top Ten Recipients of U.S. Aid
  23. Perhaps you should read the whole argument before saying something like that, of course its good that the US sent help to the suffering area.
  24. It's not the responsibility of the rich to cater to the poor.

  25. I thought ideas like that died out when WW2 ended.

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