US donates $14 million to ....

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by PBRmeASAP, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. The United States should donate $5,000,000,000, because after all, they are to blame for this tragedy.
  2. good go #$%# yourself
  3. the thing is i dont know why any of you fücking morons are looking at it as a per-capita thing. ergo you make it into a #$%#ing dick-measuring contest, you idiot.

    the money that should be given for aid should be based on what can help the people in need, NOT on some stupid per-capita shit. are you guys retarded?
  4. Man you people are all so un-humanitarian! Support the spending of Billions to kill inocent people, and give a couple million to help innocent people!
  5. like i said before, how much money have you donated personally?
  6. you sound like a 15 year old that uses MTV to get their facts. pop your head out of your ass.
  7. such a thread is painfully pointless on such a US orientated, Bush-supporting forum.
  8. good go #$%# yourself 2
  9. not my fault the stupid governments didnt have a early warning system in place that couldve saved thousands
  10. Oh shut up, we #$%#ing bail every single stupid country out of their misery and a couple of countries that do nothing 99% of the time decide to give a little bit more money and suddenly we're the bad guys. #$%# yourself.
  11. He is right, you know.
  12. Sorry for the foul language BUT:

    You guys are #$%#ing pathetic. 106,000 people die and you turn this into an America-bashing dick-measurment contest. FYI, the BBC just reported that we are giving over $350 million in aid. Over the long run, the total amount for relief and reconstruction will likely be in the billions. HOWEVER: has ANYONE made the observation that throwing massive amounts of money around, even in a disaster, can do harm as well as good? Foreign aid is a dangerous thing, for many corrupt tin-pot gov'ts have laundered and stolen billions in foreign aid over the years from well-meaning Western nations. Before we throw heaps of money around, can we take a breather and make sure it is not going to fattening some bureaucrat or prince's bank account in Zurich?

    As a matter of fact, how about we (the US) just not give any foreign aid at all any more. Apparently, all the money we give dosn't mean a thing because, as the richest nation, we should have as much money lifted off us as possible and redistributed. Apparently, even if we give $350 mil to the tsunami victims, it still isn't enough. So, let's just not give any foreign aid, have people #%[email protected] about it, and simply not listen to them. If we cannot satisfy all you anti-American dicks no matter what we do, how about simply doing nothing for a change? Screw all the billions and billions that both the government and - MORE IMPORTANTLY - private American citizens, corporations, and charities have given over the years - and let's not do anything for a change. Then you can all get on your knees and crawl back for help when things go even farther down the piss-pot than they are now.

    I'd like to state one last time how pathetic all you America-bashers are. You guys #%[email protected] and moan about us all day long, as if there are no problems in your own country to fix and as if all problems in the world come back to us. It's sad, pathetic, and reflective of your own personalities that you cannot just #$%# off and let us act like any other nation on this planet. Go fix your own countries, dammit, because no matter where you live, they need plenty of fixing. And if you continue to piss like this, don't expect our help anymore, because sadly I am tired of us giving it if this is what we get for it. #$%# yall.
  13. Thank you.

    I would have typed something like that but I've come to realize over the years this place is full of idiots. Seriously.
  14. I generally don't like using profanity, but sometimes the point just has to me made in an inflammatory manner.
  15. Beware - sand in vagina - Beware
  16. Dude, I feel your pain. Read my frustrated post above yours.
  17. Do you lose 99% of your brain cells when frustrated?
  18. I don't but apparently you lost 99% of yours by typing that sentence out.
  19. I'm so proud of my old country, the British public have donated £45m + about £50m from the Government, so far.

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