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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Blackface, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. dont forget one single state California counts for 55 votes and FLorida counts for 27. Just two states are still powerful enough to swing the election. At least Republicans have Texas, worth a very nice 34 votes.
  2. LOL!!!!! The CBC is saying in Miami is going to take till thursday to finish count, which means the election will prolly be up in the air till then...
  3. Miami is still learning how to count.
  4. I doubt my state would play a big role.
  5. Sad day for the "United" States of America.
  6. Must be the cocaine.
  7. CNN says Kerry won Pennsylvania.
  8. Thats not exactly surprising
  9. Thats because he did...
  10. I wonder why, o right, they said that because he did win.
  11. You stupid twat.
  12. You think?!
  13. This is why?

    *Stupid tool*
  14. No, the question was just about how Bush is right now 1.5 million ahead in the popular vote...
  15. wait for the populated states results. the gap will be filled instantly.
  16. Bush. Easily.
  17. Voter turn out is the best since 44. You meant to hit the "r" key at the beginning of that sentence.
  18. So far its Bush 210 Kerry 199. Results for flordia should be fairly soon. 94% of the votes are in.
  19. That's close.
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  21. formally called FLORIDA for BUSH
  22. Ohio is going to decide it all.
  23. Willy Brown just said Ohio is going to W.
  24. So let me get this straight, I'm wondering how the Electoral votes are counted for.

    So, if there are 20 electoral votes in a state, and let's say Bush wins 52% to 48%. That means Bush gets all 20 electoral votes? That's absurd. And this is supposed to be democracy at it's best.
  25. It's weird, but the alternative is weirder.

    Kerry is being raped. 210-144 W.

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