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  1. I thought geostationary satellites were the ones that never move away and the geosynchronous ones are the ones that orbit over the same spot. However, a geostationary spy satellite would be pretty useless.
  2. Yeah, you're right. Geostationary is the one that doesn't move. Geosynch is 24 hours. Brizzain fart.

    Though, I should note that a geostationary orbit is a special case of a geosynchronous orbit. A geostationary orbit just never leaves the same spot.
  3. Godverdomme!

    That's like the Queen of England loudly farting in public or Hawking expressing creationist views in a non-sarcastic manner.

    I've never seen it happen before.
  4. tankers call em' crunchies
  5. i'm looking forward to when america takes over the world with robots. should be interesting
  6. GI
  7. Leathernecks (Marines, they used to have leather collars, also a magazine publication)
    Gyrene (Marines)
    Devil Dogs (Marines, from German nickname)
    GI (all branches, from "General Infantry"/"Galvanized Iron"/"Government Issue")
    Squid (Navy)
    Jarhead (Marines)
    Yank (Army, was name of magazine publication too)
    Grunt (all, the term "POG" is 'Person Other than Grunt, a civilian)
    Ground Pounder (all)
    Doughboy (Army and Marines, WWI era)
    Dogface (Army, WWII era)

    I know you don't need them anymore but I challenged myself.

    There are also many role/rank/smaller division nicknames..
    ex. Gun bunny/red leg/cannon cocker refers to an artilleryman.. "POG" refers to non-combat people/rear-echelon (Personnel Other than Grunt).
  8. Webberkut, you didn't tell us what was the subject you study.

    And Wheelman didn't tell us if he has urinated or defecated inside his flight suit.
  9. Sorry mate, I was offline for a while.

    At the moment I'm majoring in Asian Studies and International Relations. And as I said, the topic is mainly going to be about analysing the effectiveness of the tactic to expand drone bombing campaigns.
  10. Which uni? Are the studies interesting?
  11. in other news, some girl wanted to join the commando's in the netherlands, she was refused and started to seek attention in the media, about how she wanted to be the first female commando. now she backed out, because she got a LOT of negative attention.

    #$%#ing attention whore.
  12. University of Western Sydney. And yeah, I love studying what I am. I guess my biggest focus throughout my degree was Cold War history. And everyone in my honours group is really easy to get along with.
  13. they should let her take the tests
  14. What happens if she passes? Evrybody know who she is, makes here a target for terrorists.
  15. If she passes, she becomes a commando. Her location/mission at that point becomes top secret... Do it the same way the UK handles having a royal in the military.

    Pretty stupid to not even let her take the test. We let women serve in all branches of the military now. If other women join the military then she ceases to be a 'target' at all.
  16. Im not against women in the military, im against women in special forces though, like the commando's. Women are easier to break when they get captured by the enemy and thus being a threat, one woman in a group of men causes a battle between men, and she can easily be sexually assaulted. Maybe not that big of a problem in the regular military, huge problem in a sf team.
  17. Coasties for thoese in the USCG.
  18. If she passes the test then she shouldn't be any easier to break than any of the guys. Let them serve however they want.
  19. and is she cute?
  20. Finally, we get to the real issue here

    EDIT: And does she like being throatgagged and ass#$%#ed?
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  23. That isn't policy, it's decided case-by-case. In the case of Prince Harry, for example, his first tour in Afghanistan was secret (as he was in infantry), while his second tour was not (as he had the relative safety of a pilot).
  24. Pretty sure we still don't let women join Special Forces outfits.

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