US- New cars to have special box, destroy freedom

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by NinjaAssaultSquadElite, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. It is...

    Better than CNN et al.
  2. Look, you are a souless automaton, a drone, a worker bee. Its sickening that you are so unphased by heavy servailance and military-state tactics of enforcement like this. No one else in this thread agrees with your totalitarian ideals. You are an abnormality.
    Car enthusiasts never get what they want in terms of laws. No more tracks would be made, and they CERTAINLY wouldnt have certain transmitters at tracks that disable the black box. CA is cracking down on street racing, but its also not making any more tracks. In fact, its closing several. I dont street race, i go to the track, but this black box stuff is pure invasion of privacy.
  3. Yeah fox's owner doesnt contribute to bush's campaign and isnt a member of PNAC, they are totaly balanced and not biased in anyway.
  4. the cops speed over here aswell

    going over the speed limit is nothing new
    everyone around here is going from 5-15mph over the speed limit
  5. And people will go 5-10 mph over that. It's pointless to raise it, dumbshit, people will do whatever they can get away with.
  6. What being able to tell if someone is breaking the law?

    So what list of laws are "ok" to break and what arent. If there are laws that are "ok" to break and thats what society thinks then the law needs reform and change.

    Invasion of privacy because you can be tracked? lets see:
    mobile phone
    credit card
    bank accounts
    etc etc.

    Wal-mart track everything people do in their stores. You all going to complain about that as well.
  7. when you step inside a walmart you are in thier property and they can do what they please
  8. And CNN et al.'s owners didn't contribute to Kerry's campaign and aren't a bunch of pinko commies like yourself.
  9. Overtaking a car going slower than the speedlimit. If you pass a truck going up a hill, you can go however fast you please in order to do so. The same is true of any event where speed is necessary to avoid an accident.

    Your logic is flawed in that it is backwards. You should not have to prove your innocence, instead it is your guilt that must be proven. This is the basis of the justice system of the United States, and most first-world countries.
  10. Yes. Just because something IS, doesnt mean its right. And this would be worse invasion of proivacy than any of those examples. Its monitoring your every move in the car, and how you drive it. No more fun allowed.
  11. theres no point arguing, none of you are going to change each others opinions on this.
  12. What if I go to an autocross you retarded douchebag?
  13. Nothing can stop him from hating freedom and privacy.
  14. No, because when you're in Wal-Mart, you are in a public place, but if you really have no problem against hypothetical big brother regimes even if taken to hyperbole, there's no point in trying to reason with you about anything.
  15. I wasnt talking about cnn.
  16. Not to mention that speeding only causes a small percentage of accidents and if they did something like this they would use it as an excuse to cut back funding of legitimate road safety programs.
  17. I was.
  18. they will try to say you where speeding in a parking lot, and you could injury a pedistrian
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  19. This thread has gone awry! The enemies of liberty are everywhere!
  20. Honestly, I think Fox "News" has ruined the concept of news.
  21. "speeding only causes a small percentage of accidents"

  22. Depends how this is carried out. If they give me the option of having it installed and want to pay me in some form, say an insurance benefit, then I'd go for it.

    If they give me no choice and claim this is in my interest and therefore I'm footing the bill, then I'm walking / buying a used shitbox.
  23. Whats funny?
  24. If you go over the speedlimit when overtaking the system will show that you are and it'll show the position of the truck. So that would be ok.

    So all that is irrelevent.
  25. Well there's drunk driving, skipping lights and signs, not paying attention etc...
    you dont have to be speeding to do those.

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