US tennis player pwns #%[email protected]

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    Gotta lol at this guy's comments

    'Anna Kournikova's a #%[email protected] and I despise her'

    Serena Williams has hit back at US tennis player Justin Gimelstob, after he called Russian player Anna Kournikova "a #%[email protected]" and two other female players "sexpots".

    Gimelstob made the comments during a radio interview, just before being voted on to the ATP board as a players' representative at the weekend.

    The 31-year-old, who retired last year, said he aimed to make Kournikova cry at an upcoming mixed doubles tournament, and described French players Tatiana Golovin and Alize Cornet "sexpots", and Czech player Nicole Vaidisova as a "well-developed young lady".

    According to The Times of London, Gimelstob said of Kournikova: "Hate is a very strong word - I just despise her to the maximum level just below hate."

    "I'm going to serve it right at the body, about 128 (mph), right into her midriff.

    "If she's not crying by the time she comes off court then I did not do my job."

    Gimelstob has since apologised for the comments.

    Serena Williams, who reached the last 16 of Wimbledon on Friday, said Gimelstob's comments were unnecessary.

    "Being pro-women's rights, I just think we've come farther than to be referred to like this," she said. Williams.

    "Anna is a great girl. For anyone to say that about her is not professional. It's just totally uncalled for. Unless you really know these people, you talk to these people, you never know what people go through. It's not good to say those things about people."

    Vaidisova, the world number 22, said Gimelstob's comments were just a joke that had backfired.

    "I know his sense of humour a little bit. I know he kind of talks like that a little bit. So I can cut him some slack," Vaidisova said.

    "I have briefly seen it. I know Justin. He's a very nice guy. I heard he apologised for it. I think it's just you say something and you don't really mean it. It happens."

    Kournikova refused to get into a slanging match. "It's not about these things; it's about keeping it fun and positive for the fans," she said.

    The ATP said it "cannot condone any form of intolerance", describing Gimelstob's comments as "unacceptable".

    Gimelstob's highest singles ranking was 63, and he earnt $US2,574,422 in prizemoney during his career.

    * Gimelstob quotes, according to The Times.

    On Kournikova...

    "She is a #%[email protected] Hate's a very strong word. I despise her to the maximum level just below hate... I wouldn't mind having my younger brother, who's a kind of a stud, nail her and then reap the benefits."

    "She has a great body but her face is a five."

    On women players...

    "Female tennis players lack the social skills, they don't go to high school, they don't go to parties."

    On Tatiana Golovin...

    "She is a sexpot."

    On Nicole Vaidisova...

    "She's a well developed young lady."

    On Alize Cornet...

    "She's a little sexpot."

    On the women's tour...

    "There are fewer lesbians now because they're all Russian chicks. And there's some other cute ones out there." and AFP
  2. serena is just jealous because she(???) isn't a sexpot.
  3. ^^^^
    because she has a penis
  4. this thread lacks pics of said girl tennis players
  6. and the others? i dont care about serena.
  7. Google? But seriously, sharapova is way hotter than kornikova or whatever.
  8. yes i suppose, i am just lazy.
  9. yeah this guy is pretty awsome
  10. Kournikova > Sharapova anyday.
  11. Ivanovic > *

  12. touche
  13. "Gimelstob's highest singles ranking was 63"

    Someone's a little sore at players who went further in their career than he did, but can't lash out at the men because he sucked too much in direct comparison.
  14. Serena Williams isn't a woman/will kick your/all of our asses.
  15. The man is obviously an idiot. Anna Kournikova is gorgeous. Definitely more pretty than Sharapova as well.
  16. As an added bonus, doing a google image search for any female tennis player returns like 1 normal photo for every 10 or 15 upskirts.
  17. Not nowadays, omg too skinny like WHOA
  18. Sharapova > Kournikova
  19. wtf? if you want to sex her, be nice, not rude!
  20. America pretty much sucks in mens tennis.
  21. does this count as a normal photo?
  22. Well, it's not an upskirt, so I guess.
  23. Sharapova has an odd face, but Kournikova can get my weiner in or around her mouth!
  24. Daniela Hantuchova is by far the hottest tennis player

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