USA can you stop killing presumed criminals on the spot?

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  1. A big problem is the US vs them mentality.
    Many police departments in grain this idiology. And it's most definitely that idiology on the streets.

    The minute it's an Us vs. Them situation it's going to end badly
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  2. definitely true
    getting tribal and antagonistic like that escalates thing and logic and reason go out the door
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  3. I blame da MTV


    I have seen many conflicting reports about this so I'm not going to start guesstimating numbers. One of the major problems is that there's no collective data bank about police violence in the US. My brain says that if an officer of the law needs to use lethal force against a citizen, it's something that needs to be carefully documented and investigated. Here every instance when an officer needs to pull a gun is documented.

    Regardless of what the ratio of "just" vs "unjust" use of lethal force by the police in the US is, more than a handful of cases exist where blatant misconduct was exercised by a police officer, and the officer didn't have to deal with much consequences. Cracking down on this misconduct and internal corruption would be an important message from the US government to the public that it doesn't tolerate this kind of shit. Here even a single case like that would land the chief of police in big trouble and every account would be put under a magnifying glass. That's one of the reasons why we don't have BLM protests.
  4. Well if you grow up in a ghetto and you see cops beating your peeps, collecting protection fees from the crims and planting drugs, it's not going to make you want to be buddies with them.

    The same thing could be said about police officers who feel like they are controlling a savage bunch of violent animals for a shitty salary.
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  5. That's what I'm saying. It's the cops that are perpitrating that mentality a lot. To a cop every single person on the street is seen as a potential enemy. A potential threat. And they aren't trained properly on how to handle that.
    And the fact that they never get out of they're cars anymore to have real interactions with their communities doesn't help. It's not like when you used to watch a cop walk his beat and talk to all the shop owners and passersby. Now you try and talk to a cop they are on edge and defensive.
  6. in most of the US walking just isnt realistic at all. nobody walks for anything. people look at pedestrians like they are in some kind of unfortunate situation
  7. Most of the US must have really heavy rainfall or something
  8. How is that the cops fault? The cops aren't making them grab for their guns or trying to make the ghetto assault them. That's shirking the responsibility of the ghetto.
    Yes, that's a good idea. Until Skynet takes over.
  9. Don't want to be killed by ghettos/cops/some chav from Leeds.
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  10. no everything is really spread out and build upon the idea that every individual hops into their 3200lb transportation pod to pick up fried potatoes and trash meat
  11. because they are given a gun and tasked with the protection of the citizens? and they are using that gun to kill citizens that should not be killed
    I think that is how it is the cops fault. unless you want to blame the gun?
  13. People should stop thinking about cops as cops, but instead of scared racists looking for any reason to shoot you.

    I'm not saying that that's what cops are, but I think if everyone acted as though they were there would be fewer of these shootings. It wouldn't stop them all of course, such as the caretaker guy above, but it may have saved this Tulsa guy
  14. I guess that's where we disagree. You pull a gone on a cop, you should die. Try to grab a cops gun, you should die. Try to assault the cop, you should die. In any of those scenarios it could, and has, turn out that the cops die. You DONT have the right to assault a cop who pulls you over, no matter what BLM tells you.
    There isn't rampant cop on innocent civilian killings. Almost all of the recent shooting have been because the ghettos violent actions. Not that it stops ghettos from rioting. Hell, hand up don't shoot is still a thing, even though facts came out that it never happened.
    I also love how the ghettos jumped white people in this last riot when it was a black cop that did the shooting. Yeah, I'm sure they did it because they're oppressed.
  15. You know, you don't have to say, "ghettos". You can just come right out and say "niggers" like you want to.
  16. Why would I say that? Do you think all ghettos are "niggers", or do you think all "niggers" are ghetto? I'm not sure why you're bringing race into this. Whites get shot by cops too. More so than blacks. Mexicans do too. Sometimes Asians. But, I guess that's the hipster SJW in you. In your mind, someone is ghetto trash because he's black, not because he's ghetto trash. How narrow minded and racist of you.
  18. america is just weird
    stop being weird
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  19. USA isn't exactly known for it's the quality of it's police services but BLM is clearly, at least partially, being incited by Zuckerberg, Soros and other powerful groups for some sort of political or financial gain. I have no idea what their end goal is, but it won't be pleasant if their previous history is anything to go by.

    It's hard to take them seriously when they are trying to expand into the UK and other countries where it there's no issue with large volumes of police shootings.
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  20. Just listen to queen latifa's take on BLM (she's the co-founder) ~ 2min long and you'll understand where they come from
  21. Lol I actually expected it to be her.
    But, yeah, typical neo-liberal way of thinking here:"you don't agree, you're a racist! You didn't hire me because you're racist (not because I've been fired from 6 jobs in 2 years and I've been arrested for rape)" Its never the fault of the person actually making the mistake.
  22. Absolutely 100% agree.

    * If you pull a gun on a cop, you try to grab a gop's gun or try to assault the cop, the police should use the least lethal type of force available to effectively neutralize the threat. If you are injured or killed in the process, it's not the cop's fault.

    Sometimes the police has to shoot people. But there's a crucial difference between shooting someone (armed) once in the extremities or firing 700 rounds in the back of an (unarmed) fleeing negro, just because you had 35 doughnuts earlier and can't be bothered to run after him.

    Here's a robbery gone wrong in Finland. It's a very bad quality video but the armed suspect was shot once in the leg. End of story.

    That's how it should be done.

    USA version:

    Hurrrrr the guy next to me is shooting so I should be shooting in that general direction as well.

    You have shit cops, end of story. Nowhere else in the developed world do you have cases of a police officer shooting a sleeping 7-year-old girl in the fucking head in her bed! Like ever!
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  23. you know, these strawmen black people that you make up are kind of revealing
    who is this fired 6 times in 2 years rapist
  24. thanks for doing this so I didnt have to
    all the examples of pulling a gun on a cop, going for his gun, swinging on a cop
    Those are all fine. Deadly force likely justified. Im not going to ask a cop fighting for his gun to shoot the perps toe off to barely incapacitate him.
    Moving on.

    ETB: NOBODY is seriously talking about those situations. We're talking about the blatantly unjustified killings of American citizens.
  25. She's not in control of it. There's significant censorship of anything critical of BLM on social media, Zuckerberg had a tantrum and told all facebook employees they had to support BLM, the twitter CEO has ties to one of the more influential members and meets with him in person. There's some reason to suspect people are being payed to organize it. Some protesters have gotten large grants from a NGO called the Open Society Foundations controlled by George Soros for seemingly doing nothing. Open Society Foundations is incredibly shady and linked to failed attempts to overthrow governments and a few successful ones like the Ukraine. I think he has arrest warrants in a few countries as well.

    I have no idea how deep it goes or what their goal even is but something is very strange.

    If I had to speculate I would guess Facebook, twitter and others worked directly with the US gov to try and instigate regime change in the middle east via social engineering which caused the Arab spring. But it blew up in their faces, Libya became a failed state, Syria didn't fall and the entire thing led to ISIS and destabilized Europe. They had a go in Iran and Russia as well, Iran failed and Russia didn't seem to progress much past John McCain shitposting on twitter and NGOs being ejected from Russia.

    My suspicion is they are trying to use the same tactics they perfected back then to cause social unrest to cover their tracks. The way BLM has expanded into Canada, the UK, Australia and a few other places makes no sense if it was occurring naturally. I don't know what the implications would be if something like my guess was true, Would the companies and management involved be liable, would republicans be willing to expose it all if elected? It could just be something more mundane like corruption in general.

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