USA Powerball lottery up to 1.3 billion

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  1. If I win I'll make it my goal to have a whole UPS semi packed with nothing but AmazonPrime 2-day shit just for me. Also I'll miss the first 2 attempts and just pick it up myself at the hub with my new semi.
  2. You don't get taxed on winnings so the advertised amount is the full prize amount, and you get all of it.
  3. Having to post for a picture is really stupid. As far as I know over here you have a simple yes/no question along the lines of "do you want publicity?".

    I think I share the same feeling about not having earned it, but still loving being rich. I like to think I'd be able to keep it under wraps until I go and get the money. Once I know I have all the money in the bank I'll call a few people and let them know, then, I'll go to the airport and just go to some tropical island somewhere for a while, and just plan how to use the cash.

    But as that'll never happen, I'll just keep working.
  4. My office won $12 last time so we bought some more with it. We also did a whole new pool for this drawing, and our sister office downstairs is doing one as well, and I'm in all 3. I now have 122/292 million odds of taking home like $25-$40m. I know the lotto (all gambling really) is a tax on stupid people, but just the time spent daydreaming is so much fun.

    I also want to win not for the money, but so I can laugh at all the winners past who lose it all after about 18 months snorting coke off a runaway's asshole then OD
  5. I like to think of it as investing in public schooling :D
  6. You shouldn't feel bad about losing a bet with positive value as long as you can afford to lose it.
  7. I won guys
  8. imagine the effect if this wasnt one price of a billion, but 1000 prices of a million
  9. 1000 new coke addicts instead of 1

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