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    They will keep the trend with the monaro/gto and this will continue for quite a while yet. All wheel drive will be an option soon but rear wheel drive will always be available
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    The Hsv Gto is being sent to USA as the Pontiac Gto later this year. It's got the same engine, brakes suspension and interior and the only difference is the body.

    The Hsv Gto is based on the Monaro and the Pontiac Gto on the Pontiac.
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    its actually just the standard monaro the americans are getting
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    I'm pretty the engine is different because the GTO produces more power.
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    No modifications to the Pontiac Gto engine has been changed the Manaro has just been introduced as a pontiac because holden is not big enough yet to compete in the USA's market the holden and the pontiac have got the same engine specifications only thing that differs is the body work of the rear of the pontiac and the grill has been altered .

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