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    The new VY series look really ugly.
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    I don't think its ugly, but it is a BIG change for Holden. It will be interesting to see how it sells
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    I like the front not the back, though I have spoken to people out there who think it's the best thing ever others who prefer the VX.
    The ones that prefer the new commodore say the BA is bad, and the majority of the people who prefer VX say that the BA is good, but half still prefer the Holden
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    we shall see soon enough.
  5. Re: TS50 is better and theres proof!!!

    yeah 0-100 is really who has a betta power/weight 1/4 is betta because there not much of enertia effect
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    i would have to disagree i like the back rather then the later
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    For those of you who have October 2002 MOTOR, go to page 47, and look at the side view of the Commodore, the BA XR6 and the VY SS look quite similar from the side
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    Re: New SS and SV8

    The SV8 you were talking about:
    For those in a hurry, the VY wears new styling front and back, adds a new, cheaper V8 sporty model called SV8, boosts sports V8 models by 10kilowatt, benefits from steering enhancements across the range, refinements to the V6 and a much changed interior on all models - including dual front airbags.

    The $40,490 SV8 is new to the Commodore range, it's reason for being is to bring performance V8 motoring within reach of those who can't afford the SS. SV8 mirrors the Executive for features and equipment, adding the sports bodykit, and sports suspension and brake package.

    Article written by: Glenn Butler
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    The SV8 is based on the exec so i heard it was sposed to be very similar on the inside, considering it's the V8 for the executive and berlina
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    Looks like a big Holden Vectra warped with a Mitsubitshi Magna dont ya think?
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    No not really.....
  12. Re: My friends dad has one of these cars and he brags so much!!!

    Motor mag is wrong.
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    Vectra-ish front Magna-ish rear. I can see where you are coming from. All i say is it looks a lot worse than the VX
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    Everyone will probably just get used to it. When I first saw the VT I thought it was wierd ass...even ugly...I now love the shape, same as AU Falcon, Its not as bad as when it first came out now.
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    yeah hough i never did mind the look of the au, i've grown to liek it. the first time i saw the vy, i thought that's not good, why'd they do that, but i don't mind it as much now, i guess i just prefer the barra too much to really give the vy a chance. They've fixe up the supsension and handling suppoebly in their car, i wonder how much, and if it will compete with ba, because i think they put the handling to an even better extent
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    In the photos the BA and the VY don't look as good as they do in the flesh, showing an XR6 in such a bad colour as acid rush does it no justice, i've seen 2 XR6s now and both look much better than any picture, and I can say the same for the VY, i only saw it in the showroom while drivin' past (as i'm a ford man, and dad's more against holden than i am, he was driving.) but i think it was either an SV8 or an SS. because of that front bumper. but damn both cars do look a lot better when you can walk around them and take a better look
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    The Aicid Rush colour is pretty nice IMO. Best colour has to be Blueprint. Ultimate Awesomeness
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    SV8 looks weird
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    Thats what i mean. Not ugly but weird!
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    Ugly & Weird.
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    Ok then, a little bit of both.
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    A lot of both <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    well i definitly love the back of the new holden but the front is much to be desired
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    I am completely opposite, i like the front, not the rear. the rear looks like it has been pinched by a giant with plyers or sumthin, it's not right to me.

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