Used Z8's are #$%#en expensive

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Fump, May 12, 2009.

  1. I'd have a Z8.
    its one of only a handful of modern roadsters that isn't a hairdressers car.
  2. and now he lost double, no Z8 and his carmaker down the shitter
  3. dude have you ever driven a car with 300+ hp? unless it's american it's fast as shit. 400hp is a ridiculous amount of power in almost any car.
  4. z8's are #$%#ing awesome, i'd pay a hefty price for one.
  5. haha ive seen one of those here. so ugly.

    also i don't really like the z8.
  6. Just looking on Auto Salon Singens website now, and the cheapest one is 96,000 euros.

    They've got a 507 for 750,000e. I didn't think they were that expensive!?
  7. Dude, no.
    Beautiful, not that heavy, roadsters are awesome, etc.
  8. + very rare
  9. An american car with that much power is fast as shit too, dude.
  10. I'd buy an F355 over it.
  11. Z8 haters should eat shit and die.
  12. Seriously.

    Most beautiful BMW ever made. Give me one in that light green color, or bourdeaux, with the matching hardtop.
  13. What the #$%#!? Beautiful bespoke roadster with the E39 M5 powertrain is way #$%#ing cooler than the Z4.

    I think a lot of people forgot that BMW even made this car, I'd love to have one.
  14. It was all talk obviously or he is just happy with a bland "normal" car.
  16. so would I. I'd save a fair bit of cash, too.
  17. a good friend of mine has a black over red one.
    Its a great car plenty fast but really is intended to be a cruiser and doesnt fare to well on the track
  18. the hardtop looks shit.
  19. I never said I'd take a Z4 over a Z8. I'm just curious about the specs.
  20. I wouldn't want one over say a 355 or 360 but I do like the car a lot. Easily one of the best looking convertables made in the last 25 years. If not THE best looking. It's got all the classic shapes of a 1950s roadster.

    I saw one at the 7 11 a few years ago.
  21. you do
  22. no you wouldn't. you have to rebuild those things if you look at them funny.
  23. HAHAHA one at 7/11.
  24. it looks like a boat.

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