useless muscle car-------->viper

Discussion in '2001 Honda NSX-R Concept' started by Skyline GT-R34, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. uhhh the NSX-R is not a muscle car... and i am pretty sure it could beat a viper on the track (not the drag strip) since it almost beat a murcielago (lambo passsed it on the straight) and can also beat porsches with the exception of the gt2.(i have a video proof of this)

    the NSX is a poor mans supercar but a good one at that!
  2. If you honestly think the Supra or Skyline is overrated despite their performance potential with modifications, or that the NSX is overrated despite it's incredibly simple, yet exceptionally ingenious design, you probably don't belong here.
  3. ok viper vs. nsx is like foot vs ant the ants gonna get squashed. im not sayin that nsx is a bad car its just u gotta be a to say viper sux anyways y do you put that on an nsx forum at surely ur smart enogh to put something on the viper on the viper forum? guess not

    oh and how do u start a thread if you have 0 posts? someone explain that to me
  4. but things get a little different on tracks with corners. NSX-R can beat Murcielago, Gallardo, 911 turbo.

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