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Discussion in '2006 Edag Solstice Estate' started by ging, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. innovative, my arse.
  2. still think people are gunna buy it
  3. i think it's pretty cool. kinda like an m coupe
  4. This looks retarded. GM should just make it into a hatchback, maybe spice it up a lil' bit, then send it out to quarrel with the sport-hatchback crowd.
  5. Tis going to sell but I can tell you I wouldn't buy it.
  6. This is an abomination! I work at a GM dealership, and the Solstice is a beautiful car in the flesh. I really hope that this doesn't get anywhere past concept form, because this is really disgusting.
  7. They could have at least made it look more like the Z4 Coupe because THEN I'd have given it a second look, but this thing looks damn ugly to me.
  8. innovative.no
    why would anyone want to make a cool looking car into a station wagon wannabe?
  9. did i hear correctly when someone said that this is an estate? sh1t, the furute of cars is gonna suck balls...

    hey ging, i didnt know that was th translation for brabus. dry humour, that was. very nice. just one thing though... ive seen many silver brabus cars as well.. so, its not only in black that they come, with the big mags <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  10. yeah, i guess it's cool looking or whatever, but i agree, what the hell is the point?? so it's exactly the same, only they made a top for it that's bigger.... sweet. good job Edag.
  11. i dont like it.
  12. if it doesnt hav a point dnt buy it....
    its cool lookin car period
  13. So what? Now there is an estate fad going around? There's been quite a few of those, most ugly, such as this, and a few that aren't too bad
  14. Obviously none of you have seen how little trunk space the Solstice has. This shooting brake modification turns the Solstice into a car that can be used everyday since it can now actually carry something more then just a suitcase.
  15. Egad, an Edag. This is a terrible looking car. If GM's gonna bring back the Nomad, they should at least do it right.
  16. This wasn't a full fledged GM concept, it was a third party concept. With luck, GM will take this into considering and maybe release one of it's own. It sorta looks like the Z4 hardtop thing.
  17. I'll give you that...it is a lot like the M Coupe but I don't think that the look goes well with the Solstice at all...
  18. GM doesnt make this, its not a GM concept.
  19. Why would u want to drive a sports coupe looking like a family wagon?

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