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  1. They should of used a V10 that would of ben so much better, but hasent mercedes allready built something like this or is this it.
    another thing anybody who says this rivals the maclaren F1 is an idiot.
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    It's actually the sport version of the Mercedes SL.
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    what is the point in saying a V10 would be better without giving a single reason?

    he who names himself after a supercharged V8 car should not complain about another supercharged V8 car should he? (thats you by the way)

    and actually, the SLR has absolutely nothing to do with the SL, the sport version of the SL is called the SL55 AMG

    final spec of this car will be about 580hp and 590lbft, it will lay waste to a Murcielago
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    or instead of re-tooling thier manufacturing plants they could just use the V8 they already have which makes great power.
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    my point is that instead of a supercharged V8 they should of just put a V10 I think more clinders is better.
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    oh my god, if companies put in more cylinders in their cars instead of tuning them imagine what we'd have, every car would be a the worst car ever, the pinto!!! (ohwell, some company made a big mistake when they made a car, the rest of em are okay) gee, why do you think they dont put the V16 on cars anymore? they dont put them on anymore because its stupid, if your like bugatti, that things okay, cuz they make very few cars like that our of V8's and then they carefully tune them. Ever hear of the Nissan Skyline? Or the Toyota Supra, both of those cars are incredible, and what powers them? an inline six, and what do these cars eat, V8's V10's V6's and why is that you ask, because the company carefully tuned the engine
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    '02 TVR Tuscan R - 6 cylinders - 440hp, 350lbft
    '92 BMW 850i - 12 cylinders - 300hp, 325lbft

    yes, i can see why someone would think more cylinders is better

    what u could have said is a 6.3-litre 18 cylinder engine like that in the Bugatti EB218 concept is better than the 6.0-litre 8 cylinder engine in, say, a Cadillac Escalade

    yes of course 1 is a high performance limo and 1 an SUV, but its the principle that counts, more cylinders is better for a similar displacement because it means smaller combustion chambers, if u were to compare an egg cup full of air/fuel to an oil drum full of air/fuel....the contents only has about 0.01sec to burn, after which it gets kicked out the exhaust pipe....the egg cup will burn out completely as the fire only has to spread about 1 inch, the oil drum will still have about 90% of its fuel left unburnt, this is very inefficient, both fuel and power are wasted

    now of course theres no cars that have egg cup size or oil drum size combustion chambers, but the smaller the better, if u want a big engine then lots of small cylinders is better than a couple of big ones

    the argument of 'big chambers = long stroke = lots of torque' doesnt work because altho for a single cylinder this is true - with multi cylinders it is not, in other words 8 cylinders with 60lbft each is exactly the same as 12 cylinders with 40lbft each

    V8s are not the best things ever, as hard as that may be to swallow if you're american
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    yeah i think it would be better if it had a V10 too. I'm not a big fan of forced induction. still a hot car though.
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    gt40 2 do you even know what you are talking about. do you ever stop and think before you start typing some bullshit. if this car would be better with a v10 than i guess a porsche 911 gt2 that has 450hp and has a 0-60 time of 3.6secs could use a v10 too huh. NO!!!!!!!!!! damn it you are an asshole. this car would be better with a v10. #$%#ing prick.

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