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  1. originally jaguar designed this car to run a V12 but budget cuts made them change to a V6, but just look at the power and performance they got from a V6 and imagine what they would have achieved if they had had the budget for the V12.
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    Well, if you would have checked a little closer, you would have known that it was not really the budget. The reason that they put in the 6 was because the V-12 was too big, and it wouldn't fit in the chasses without the car being over 2 meters wide. It was the size. Budget too, but that played a smaller role.
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    Doesn't look much wider to me! its still bloody wide anyway so #$%# U!
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    Doesn't look much wider to me! its still bloody wide anyway so #$%# U!
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    Only the size? I thought there was other and better reason.
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    the jaguar 720hp v12 didn't meat racing regulations.
    therefore they went the twin-turbo route.
    and also produce a more eco car, which also happens to be street legal, yet being the fastest car in the world in its debut
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    Shoulda made it AWD that woulda rocked
  8. Wait, it wasn't just because of the size in respect to fitting with the chassis. The size of the engine itself was the source of several design problems, mostly resulting in emission issues and output. That's why they came up with Jaguar's first forced induction engine, as well as Jaguar's first ever V6. It would have been sweet to see the XJ220 keep the AWD, but it was all part of the losses that came from reducing weight when they were designing the production version. Also lost were the scissor doors for regular ones, all to reduce weight.

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