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  1. Did you know him on v3? There was far worse than him, Kiepenstein the great, Stewacide, the FBI, Corolla Racer, Silvi00, Nos Dawg and Panditha for those who have a very broad memory of V2 and V3.
  2. Stewacide. Damn.
  3. Sbctimh is another that was good.

    I was wondering if this site was still broken so I clicked for a laugh and wow. i guess RICH had to get a new top for the mustang
  5. New owner.
  6. Forget Rich. Remember Nick.

    Watch this space
  7. Yea I don't have a broad memory of V2 and V3 (thank god).

    Are you saying that we should invite assholes here because there have been worse assholes in history?
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  8. Do you have a little bit of logic? No, I am saying that you have to remember who was bad for not repeating the same mistakes.
  9. Once bitten, twice shy.
  10. Ssssoo certain members were bad because they did not repeat the same (what?) mistakes?

    You lost me again.
  11. Nos Dawg...RIP
  12. A spoiler feature
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  13. If some haven't noticed; if you want to multi-quote, just hit reply on each message then type your response.
  14. Did you understand what I wrote? I guess not, so let me rephrase it to you:" I am saying that you have to remember who was bad for not repeating the same mistakes". There are members that were very bad to the core some of them are very well known and others less known, so not seeing them reappearing would be a good thing which is more or less what I meant.
  15. Vman is the SEABEE account good to go
  16. It's like our retirement home was refurbished. The lights are too bright now
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  17. I'll get on that right now. Stay tuned!
  18. Yes I get it now...

    White power?
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  19. Wrong again but that doesn't matter

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