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  1. Well, I haven't had much time to be moderating anyhow, just killing spammers when I found them.
  2. Well, I didn't ban a member here for like 3 years now, only the stupid spammers.
  3. Yeah, and edit all the links out of their posts lol
  4. basman change your sig
  5. like looking at the sun. did anyone save colour settings hashes or whatever they were called for old royal blue or whatever it was

  6. I feel like I've finally been able to pick up Thors BANhammer
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  7. You can kiss the royal blue settings goodbye. :(
  8. Hey!! The banhammer is mine!!!:mad:
  9. I knew I'd forgotten some key people when I was asked to come up with a list. I'll add this to the snag list and request that your status is reinstated.
  10. And you are Thor :D
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  11. I've got a screen shot somewhere, I'm sure. I'll see if I can dig it out when I get home, unless someone else has it to hand?
  12. Hello!
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  13. Heeeey!
  14. It dropped deez nuts!

    Nice job on the site admin. Its definitely ready for new users.


    Aww my avatar is gone
  15. This is like if Valve really did make Half-Life 3 after all these years
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  16. Here's some of the screenshots I got of the different colors

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  17. Thanks man
  18. NEW look for a NEW melinium!!!!

    I can't wait 2 post about cars Web 2.0 enabled.

    I love Ferrari La Ferrari and hot pockets
  19. I can't help but think that every new member whose first posts are taking the piss is just Adrian making multiple accounts again
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  20. no, but I saved my superior green color scheme numbers

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  21. I adopted that colour scheme myself. It was fantastic.
  22. It is.
  23. How can someone keep up that retarded schtick for so long? Gotta hand that to him, at least. He's persistant.
  24. Last time I posted here was like 2010, dude.
  25. Someone was, somehow, using your IP in the last few years, then. A couple of shitpost accounts were banned.

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