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  1. What a time to be alive! So far I actually don't hate it.
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  2. I don't know where I am anymore.
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  3. My staff member thing isn't showing up btw
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  4. I don't know where I am anymore.
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  5. Someone stole my 944turb0 account long ago, I don't know how you can fake ip though.

    I've probably made a total of less than 20 posts drunk posting w throwaway accounts since I left long ago.

    95% of it was Paul and whatever weird trolls like to act like me. Hell eyah.
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  6. Noted
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  7. I'm just being dumb, I appreciate you doing all of the work and communication back and forth though. I'm just not really on the site as much to be an actual useful mod.

    It will be interesting to see how much, and if at all this new website affects traffic.
  8. To be honest I think it may be worth adding as many people as we can think of at first, the whittling it down to the few who waste enough time on here to be effective mods.

    may not make a difference whilst we're the only ones here but hey, may as well be prepared
  9. Yeah that makes sense when you put it that way. I mean I'll be happy to mod if I need to whenever I visit, no problem. I guess it's not like there's a limit on how many there can be. Just didn't want to take the spot of someone who'd do a better job than I would is all. But I'll be happy to pitch in.
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  10. I want to be mod. I hate spam. And, I maybe promise I wont ban everyone.
  11. I've gotten quite used to it so far, but then again I've been posting a lot as usual
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  12. A site w less than 20 posters doesn't need more than 3 mods.
  13. Someone buying a a domain and building an entirely new website isn't doing it just for 20 people. It's safe to presume that the plan is to eventually have this place as active as it was before. It will have to be profitable for him and the way to do that with a forum is to get a large user base.

    Planning in advance for an eventual influx of new members is prudent, if nothing else.
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  14. What makes you sure forums are a crutial part of monetizing this domain?
  15. Of course I know as little as you do about making money from a website, but I think it's safe to assume that getting as many people to visit it as possible is a good start, if only to capitalise on ad revenue at first.

    It's like a shop - the greater the foot fall, the higher chance there is of making money. He's not doing it because he felt sorry for us.

    You may not give a shit, as ever, but as ridiculous as it may sound to you a few people have kept posting not just because it's habitual, but because they've made friends with each other over the years
  16. Why you foamin', bro?
  17. Perennially cynical.
  18. Maintaining level-headed skepticism is being mad or whatever?

    FYI I know a good bit about making money via websites which is why I don't believe forums are a part of it.
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  19. Oh my god.

    It's happening.

    Oh my god.
  20. Not a staff member? :-(

    Or is that code for mod? Because I don't really care about being a mod.
  21. omg I liked your post
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  22. I like that you liked my post!
  23. Yeah it's mod status. None of us are on the payroll!
  24. Seeing all the old avatars is bringing me back to the good old days.
  25. So we were on V3.0 for how long?

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