Discussion in '1994 Hamann F40' started by speeddemon, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Re: This vs. Enzo

    Enzo would murder this
  2. Re: v8?

    Would you rather have a V12 that weighs about 2000 lbs more that the v8??
  3. This vs. Enzo

    little brother do not murder big brother. but little brother is better
  4. This vs. Enzo

    yeah but then you would have to drive this instead of an enzo...lousy proposition as the unmodified F40 is brutal, loud and hot enough.
  5. its a v-8 because when the F40 was conceptualized and built, F1 cars were...twin turbo v-8. Ferrari scrapped the idea of a V10 when F1 cars went that route, as a v12 was sturdier and smoother for road use.
  6. This vs. Enzo

    not only is the enzo untuned but it is heavier and more designed for the road not the track, f40 modified would win

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