Vanda Dendrobium

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    Interior looks cheap and crappy.

    vanda_dendrobium_15.jpg Vanda_Dendrobium_024_e-1.jpg slider-muscle-car.jpg slider-bee-inside.jpg
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  3. I wonder if they like hexagons.
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  4. Is it being built along side the new Vector?
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  5. Theres an old saying that dont try building a car if you cant make the doors work. Willing to bet they dont work on this...
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  6. I don't dislike it
  7. whats the point of the air intake on the front
    electric cars need to stop trying to look like ICE cars
  8. Air flow?
  9. You need cooling for the battery pacs.
  10. Worst tach/dash. Good for them though I guess
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  11. Ha ha! I think they love bees, especially Hexagon bees

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