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  1. New and improved version!

    Keep the political rants and personal insults in the dumpster fire thread plz.
  2. ill start it off

    look at this militia
  3. What kind of militia is that?
  4. the master race
    look at those genetics
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  5. What needs to be done is produce a bunch of replica ww2 military equipment then take the nazi and commie crazies to a secluded area and let them fight. We can finally watch huge tank battles between tigers, panthers, t-34 and others all filmed in 4k. If you tell them who ever wins will be given land to start their own country they will butcher each other without hesitation.
  6. Would today's nazi and commie crazies be able to operate such vehicles without turning the whole ordeal into armoured special olympics of sorts?
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  7. Speaking of armour, any more thoughts on this? VIce?

  8. Nice Dockers "wrinkle-free" khakis
  9. Pc master race?
  10. Ever seen one of them new-fangled F-22s and its millenium falcon warp drive shit cruise 200 feet above the runway at about 70mph nose way up in the air like whoooooooo doggy. That's some good old-fashioned America right there. Freedom boners popping like the first Thanksgiving!
  11. This isn't that far off LARP
  12. Lol I was thinking that when I saw the picture. Where are the wenches?
  13. What's shit cruising?
  14. Sounds like German scat porn.

    Back on topic:
    Any of you military nerds know the outcome of
    Quick Google search shows me nothing.
    I've always wondered about using artillery rounds to deliver reconnaissance. Or even a small rocket that takes images like a very quick SR-71. Use FLIR for detecting people. Or any other kind of nifty human threat detection systems coming out?
    @Vanilla Ice @HippoCrushEverything
  15. There are a number of disadvantages with using artillery rounds as pieces of photo-reconnaissance compared to similarly priced rotary-or fixed-wing drones. They follow a ballistic trajectory so gathering information at your altitude of choice isn't always a possibility. Steering them along the longitudinal axis would limit the technology to larger caliber artillery pieces and increase the price of each individual round considerably.

    A cheap quadcopter can make multiple passes over a certain target, or it can hover around and stay focused on said target. If the reconnaissance drone survives the mission, it can be reused again. The ability to return back to base yields greater possibilities to alternate between modes of delivering the information. This is quite important when operating in a contested electromagnetic environment.

    Because of these shortcomings, I don't think such rounds will become the mainstream of reconnaissance at company/battalion levels. However, they could come in very handy for individual fireteams, from special ops to mortar crews, due to their compact size and instant use capability. Seeing the plumes of previous impacts from air makes for better corrections than observing the same spot from ground level, a couple of km away.
  16. [​IMG]


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  17. The funny thing about military drones is the price, they scam military out of $50k or so per unit for things that are barely different to hobby drones. $1200 mortar drone might sound cheap but if they just had more sensible procurement of quadcopters and planes it would be better.
  18. relaxed fit. the master genes need room to breathe
  19. are those cluster bombs or is something falling apart
    I love cluster munitions so much
    i feel like itd be very satisfying to drop on a convoy
  20. 'millenium falcon warp drive shit'
  21. Only somewhat military related, but I saw Dunkirk last night. It seemed very realistic and totally gave you the sense of how shitty being a soldier was back then.
  22. The small turdlike objects are cluster munitions being ejected from a MW-1 dispenser. A few planes carrying such dispensers loaded with a complement of various mines and bomblets can make a large area very inhospitable for a while.

  23. Was Harry Styles good?
  24. Had to Google who he was.
    The thing about this movie is that there's a sort of detachment between the viewer and the protagonists. You don't really know their names and sometimes get lost between plotlines. I guess he was good (as is most of everyone else in the movie), but I definitely didn't care whether he died or survived.
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  25. How come I didn't know how cool this plane is until now?


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