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  1. sounds like these robots have all the right moves
    but in the arena of beach volleyball im taking maverick and iceman

  2. Pshh you 'Mirin them delts, breh.
  3. are you worried about russia seemingly stepping up its aggression
  4. Yes. Russia is probing what it can get away with, and the answer is a whole lot.
  5. apparently putin is the one world leader our president respects so it makes sense that we'd let him do what he wants
  6. Funny, I'm pretty sure Russia moved into Crimea, Syria and Ukraine on Obama's watch.
  7. and whats happening to the sanctions put in place

    have you heard of the magnitsky act? just one of them
    thats what meetings on 'adoptions' are about
    theres tons of articles about why putin is so personally concerned about the magnitsky act
    youve got the fox news part of the timeline down, now get the rest of the story!

    what happened to the sanctions trump begrudgingly signed a few months ago? not implemented

    please tell me you think trump is tougher on russia than obama!
  8. Fox timeline down? Are you disagreeing that those events happened under Obama?
    What sanctions were repealed exactly? I see the Magnitsky Act is still in effect. What new sanctions have yet to be enacted, and what proof is there that they aren't in the process of enacting them? In fact, the law that was passed keeps him from altering sanctions without approval of Congress. So not only is he at least as tough as Obama with Russia, he is unable to be easier on them.
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    Pls don't turn this thread into a dumpster fire.
  10. Sorry, got distracted by glistening volley ball bros.

    So @Vanilla Ice I may have missed it, have you decided what you're doing with you doctor's paper? Going to build missiles and air tenks?
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  11. I was appointed to the faculty of the U of Alberta. As a professor, I'll be researching bio-inspired flight and wind energy. I have not worked out my teaching load yet.
  12. Contars on the jerb.
    Railgun splosion:
  13. This seems familiar. Did you tell us this already in another thread?
    Congrats. I may be attending the NACE inspectors course at UofA soon, if they are still offering it. I may end at SAIT.
  14. I was like "holy crap, dude is a recent PhD graduate and he got hired as a Professor?!" But I guess the Canadian system has different names for the ranks. Over here a Professor is a senior lecturer who's been around for quite some time. My supervisor only got the Professor title maybe when he was in his late 50s. According to Wikipedia: "This rank is only given to those who have demonstrated outstanding competence and academic leadership in research, teaching, and service as well as achieving international recognition of their scholarship."

    Mad props nonetheless, of course. Did you get your own lab and students or are you going to be attached to someone else's group?
  15. I did. Forget where, but I mentioned it when I was officially offered the job over the summer.

    I'm not sure what the ranks are where you live, but the order here essentially goes:
    Adjunct Professor - Typically a contract instructor, who may or may not have a PhD. Alternatively, a cross-appointee from another faculty.
    Assistant Professor - My current rank. Provisional faculty member who has not obtained tenure. (Equivalent to Lecturer in the UK)
    Associate Professor - Permanent faculty member with tenure. Failure to reach Associate after 5 years results in termination.
    Professor - Permanent faculty member with tenure. No requirement for promotion, but typical after 5-10 years as an Associate.
    University Professor - Honorary rank bestowed for a long and distinguished career. Normally requires a full head of grey hair. Or no hair.

    The organization of North American universities is much flatter than many other countries, and all ranks from Assistant Professor upwards are expected to be totally independent in fundraising, research, teaching, and supervision. It's definitely not like the German system where one King looks out over his empire of Dukedoms. I'm trying to get my lab up and running now, which is actually in a pretty fancy building.
  16. Over here a Professor is the highest ranking status of scholars. You can be either an Associate Professor or a Full Professor, but both mean decades on the job, and a bunch of grey-haired men and women. Either forms of Professorship here are always equated with high status.

    All the other entry-level Professor titles in Canada are more likely equivalent to Lecturer positions (associate, senior, etc.) over here.

    Yeah, I think it's the same dynamics here. All recent appointed lecturers (and even post-docs) are always scrambling for funding if they want to do research of their own. I know that my department gives a "beginning of career boost" to newcomers so they can setup their labs with the basic equipment, but they would still need more money to keep going forwards.

    This is what discourages me about research. I just want to sit in a basement office, doing the rare and very occasional good experiment and mostly writing quality theoretical stuff. We're drowning in a sea of accumulated data that no one is integrating into a cohesive view, we are suffering a crisis of replicability and confidence, and people still want to run more experiments. I'm not willing to deal with shit like grant money and constantly renewing it, and managing students, and the politics of academia, and the pressure to publish.

    Shit, how's that for a pep talk to someone who is just starting? Congratulation again, and don't be as jaded as I am.
  17. what do you research sickboy
  18. Simian brains. No joke.
  19. Disposable RPG26, Russia
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  21. ?
  22. I do brain research.
  23. to what end you villain

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