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  1. ya
  2. Because it's a car that WE might actually own. As opposed to all those 100k+ cars that only the super rich ever will.
  3. It will be interesting to see what it looks like. I like the twin exhaust setup with quad outlets. Most importantly I'd like to see how that gutless V6 copes lugging around 1800kg of beef. The VY runs something like 2.77 final drive ratio in the V6, so unless theres a 6 speed auto with a substantialy short first gear ratio standard, they are going to HAVE to dramatically shorted the final drive ratio. Even then, unless theres a significant power increase it will still struggle. Euro 3 has allready bitten them on the arse with a loss of power on the base V6 and torque on the 190motor.
  4. Its the VZ with the lower ratio and thats only on the 190kw motor and its 2.87 to be precise. Whilst that is fairly low the first gear in the auto and especially the manual are lower than in the past.

    None the less it will be interesting to see how it all turns out in the end.
  5. in read in the paper they are getting the same 6 speed box as that in the falcon
  6. Sounds good hopefully it lives up to the hype.
  7. Apparently, the base V6 will be 200kw.
  8. I have heard that also, although I find it hard to believe.... not impossible to happen though I guess
  9. It makes sense to do that. Use an even more enhanced version of the 190kw version for the lower models, prehaps turbo or supercharge it for the sporty V6 version and scrap the 172kw version altogether.
  10. did you get todays Courier Mail?
    theres an article on it...quick, to the Servo.
  11. because im nice

    had to watermark it, so i get the cred if you stick it elsewhere.
  12. Cred = E-respect?
    Why do you care?
  13. knowing the kind of people around here, its possible that it would be pasted into another forum.
  14. My question stands.
  15. i want e-respect...
  16. Un stand it
  17. Funny how the camo keeps getting less and less the closer we get to the release date.

    Holden are playing us like a flute.
  18. sik m8

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