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Discussion in '2001 BMW Z3 M Roadster' started by luv2xlr8, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. what do u guys think of the veilside body kits for the z3? here are some pics of the kit.
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    THE body kit sucks ... its a german car not a freaking rice rocket.. the body kit makes it look like a cheap japanese car. You'll get more head driving the regular Z3 than the Z3 M roadster with that ugly ass body kit
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    love the kits...
    pity about the car...
    Z3 is THE ugliest beemer i've ever seen..
    Im a big fan of this barbarian car company but..pls...
    what were they thinking when they drew this thing on their drwaing board?

    and to you..('') if you prefer stock....go with the stock..
    some people prefer souped up cars...whether it's inside or outside..
    and what's with this cheap jap car bullshit?
    huh? don't be absurd ... Expensive exotic cars do get souped up....

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    So, the people in the BMW M-Division spend ages designing the perfect shape for the Z3. Then Veilside come along and screws it, with a bodykit so devoid of taste its scary.
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    that kit does look pretty bad, the stock looks much better in my opinion. I do like the looks of some jap cars w/ body kits.... as long as the owner did a little engine work as well. Im not a fan of show before go.
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    What a load of shite.

    These kits look terrible. I drive a standard M Roadster, here in Japan, which comes with 320bhp, not like the tame American version.

    This car is absolute perfection, as standard.
    Leave it alone, why #$%# with something so beautiful???!

    I've wasted 911's by the thousands...

    Hate bodykits.

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    I dig body kits, another way to express yourself. In a world where you have to choose which factory made car to buy, body kits offer a little more flexibility.
    Japanese cars are the best that you can buy. I dare you to call the NSX "cheap"<!-- Signature -->
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    the car could lose the spoiler. it looks good anyways.

    how about this kit for the new 350 z?<!-- Signature -->

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