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    Wow so #$%#ing what if it is a body kitt or not you should of informed him that, instead of look like immature little pricks and start purting insults. At onepoint or another you didn't know about veilside either.<!-- Signature -->
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    I want one, desperately. Rotarypower is truly a revolutionary concept. In light of all this "Veilside" talk, I feel obliged to say that although veilside produces art in the form of fiberglass, they also offer tuning. That being said, I really believe that this RX-7 is a gorgeous car, and doesn't need all the flash of body work.I'll take the rest of the money I wouldn't waste on body styling,and spend it where it counts, under the hood.
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    Don't curse germans, cuz at the end of the day a porsche is a porsche, and a benz is still a benz, and a bimmer is still just that, a bimmer
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    Its seems that lovinrxy is little teen that doesnt know anything hes talking about.Veilside is a Body kit Retard !Its A racing Team too but it has nothing to do with "Veilside" rx7 what a dumb ass!
    Dont Hate On german Cars Jus Because youll never be able to aford one BI Itch

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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from MazRx7</i>
    <b>Whoa got some idiots on the loose
    and just to ya let ya know hobbit
    the supra wuld get its ass whooped by an rx7.....
    just go back to ur little hole and shutup</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

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    Well First Of All there is no way you can compare a car with 276 hp with a car with over 1000 hp thats not a fare race.IM saying a stock rx7 will whoop the stock supra. It all Depends On The Driver !

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    Especially around a circuit. Who cares what it can do in a straight line, it aint made for that. I've seen the RX-7 whoop the Supra in our Aus GTP races (basically a road car made for racing, just add a cage n go!)
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    Supra Look All Stupid in the front.
    Mazda looks lots better!
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    hahahaha and let me geuss ur dream car is an orange supra, u know not that i'm suggesting u dont know the first thing about cars and just like the fast and the furious, or wait am i u stupid dumb ignorant f*ck<!-- Signature -->
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    Toyota makes some quality .... ummm

    CRAP!!!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    SupraCharge, you deserve a smack. A big smack! Just shut your mouth and continue wishing that you'll have the privelege of even going near a Supra or Rx7. You just just jealous that the Rx7 is betta!<!-- Signature -->
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    the supra cannot beat the rx7. why? the supra is a relatively heavy car and suffers from imbalance partially due to its engine. this is fact because some road racing versions of the supra actually swap the 3.0 liter 2jz-gte for the 2.2 liter inline-four because it weighs less so the can push it near the center and inner areas of the car for better balance. in addition the rx7 is highly capable of being modifed. you wanna go in a straight line? peter farrell's supercars aakes modifed versions of the rx7 at 9psi a non-fully modifed rx7 generates 555 hp and at 20 psi close to 900 hp. watchin import drag racing. fastest import drag racer drives an rx7. the pro-street (street legal cars that run on premium fuel and drag race) is dominated by the rx7's who regularly go into the 9 and high 8 ranges. you cannot compete with a rotary engine because though displacement is small, it has VERY FEW MOVING PARTS. very few moving parts = less energy loss by friction. before anyone says that it doesn't make a difference may i remind you that over 75 percent of the energy made in a internal comubustion engine is lost through friction. simply put the rx7 and perhaps the nsx are the premier sports cars from japan
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    AAHAHAHAHA!!!! dumbass! u just embarased yourself with that one
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    o and i was talkin about the dumbass that started the forum. u know the guy who didnt know Veilside was a #$%#in body kit. im mean jeasus dude do some research
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    Don't call the guy a dumbass. Veilside does do tuning as well as body kits. They had the configuration for the RX-7, the Supra and the Jetta up somewhere. They all had HP above 500, i think but they had 7 dvds and endless rap in them, so they couldn't possibly real drag racing cars. Check SportsCompact-or-whatever dot com. try google if ya like and look for veilside fast and the furious configuration or something like that...
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    Ok. some of you seem confused. Veilside used to not only make body kits. They used to tune really really fast cars too until some super huge accident. Then they stopped doing that. And the rx-7 would whup supra in a non-drag real man race. rx-7 handles like a dream ^_~.<!-- Signature -->
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    yes stock for stock the supra would probably loose to an rx7 in drag or on the track, but i beleive it was a supra that won last years all japan JGTC? and thats tuned vs tuned where the competition was mainly between the nsx's, skylines, and supras. rx-7 were almost not a factor. This is a race where all of the cars were about even when it came to power output, and there were weight "penelties" for winning races(if you won x races, they would add xlbs to your car to even out the playing feild).

    now what?

    p.s. some people should just chill out before pointing out that other people are miss-informed or something, you dont have to get all high and mighty just cuz you think you know more about cars than others. arrogance and ignorance are just a bad combination.

    Peace<!-- Signature -->
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    Hoping that I dont get grouped into the group of "stupid people that watch a movie and know everything", I think that the veilside kit on the RX-7 in FAF was the best looking kit around. The RX Gen 3 is one of the best looking cars made, except for the stock front bumper. New Rims, New Front bumper, about $4000 in mods and you have a 450hp super car that will run with pretty much anything on the road, forign or domestic (comming from the us), and it drives very well. I should know, before I was forced to sell my 1994 RX-7 I had done all that to it. Loved that car, will build another. It may not beat a lambo, or ferrari, but for 25000 how can you go wrong with a car that will give them a run for there $$$. To the moron that first posted this you should be embarised that you even think that you know anything about cars. Make sure that you oil your belts and grease your steering wheel, because you need to do those things, #$%#ing moron.
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    When the #$%# did he say he knew everything about cars??
    Chill u idiots he made one #$%#ing mistake
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    when did this website becum a fast and the furious and gt3 forum page!!! all i hear now is "wheres this ficticious car" and "well in gt3 i got my supra up to 1200 hp" WHO GIVES A SHIT! its a game....GAME! and for this idiot who started this forum...mazda never did any work with vielside.....learn sumthing about cars, then cum and post sum more messages
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    What is the max horse power possible for an rx7 engine? 13b and 20b.

    Back up what you say please.

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    What is the max horse power possible for an rx7 engine? 13b and 20b.

    Back up what you say please.

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    Veilside Rx-7 doesn't even exist

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