Venice votes for independence

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    Venice votes to split from Italy as 89% of the city's residents opt to form a new independent state

    - Wealthy residents are opposing high taxes which support poorer south
    - Venice gets 21 billion euros less in grants than it gives in taxes per year
    - Overwhelming 89 per cent majority voted to break away from Italy
    - Activists have been working with SNP and attended rallies in Scotland

    America why aren't you imposing 'sanctions' on these people??
  2. Kinda not surprising given the proud independent history of the Venetians.

    Edit: The EU will do everything in its power to block this democratic process though
  3. The whole north of Italy should separate from the South
  4. Venice i.e. little China
  5. Breaking news: rich people self-interested; don't want to pay to support those poorer than themselves. More at 11.
  6. The history of the Italian city-states, especially this one in particular, makes it a little bit more complicated than that. See webber f1 racer's post.
  7. Oh for sure, it's much more complicated than that. It's certainly a contributing factor though.
  8. Venice is going to be #$%#ing underwater soon anyway
  9. I have a global warming mug that has a map of the world, and when you put coffee or tea or whatever hot drink in it, all the low-lying area disappears.

    I can confirm that the entire region surrounding Venice is once such area.
  10. "America why aren't you imposing 'sanctions' on these people??"

    Prolly because no foreign nation bothered to send a bunch of soldiers there to capture airports and military bases...
  11. not self interested. southern italians are lazy bums. why pay for those lazy asses?

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