Venom 1000 Twin Turbo SRT-10 For Sale.

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Mechanical Arts, Sep 20, 2004.

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  2. this ain't too far from where I live...
  3. Damn its too bad I'm about $180,000 short.

  4. Wow, that thing is a beast.

    I pitty the honda that picks on that guy.
  5. because Hondas rev at everyone, especially vipers, right?
  6. Just saw a Hennessey ad in a magazine, the car will be featured in an upcoming Car and Driver super tuner shootout, which it apparently wins.
  7. Yes, the car is programmed to do that.
  8. look at the #$%#ing tires on that thing.

  9. Ricers do, yes, they like to test their limits, and #$%#, sometimes it's just great fun getting your ass whooped.

    I raced a supercharged ZO6 putting out around 700, I got whooped, but that's part the fun.

  10. No they don't, you idiot.
  11. imagine it on slicks
  12. nice reaction times
  13. Just saw the newest R&T on the newsstand. They tested the 800-hp version of Hennessey's SRT-10 and recorded:
    0-60: 3.5
    1/4 mi: 11.0 @ 141.8
    All on street tires. The most astounding figure IMO was the 0-150 time: 12.0 seconds.
  14. You can buy it now, and the owner will deliver it to you in 27 months.
  15. Do it to the coupe, and now were talking.
  16. 1000HP + This car(see pic) = American Muscle at a peak :D
  17. great car. i like it
  18. MotorTrend tested one of hennesseys Venom 650 SRT-10s.

    They recored:

    0-60 2.99
    1/4mile: 10.76 @ 129

    That was done on stock viper tires, making it, as MT quoted "the fastest stock tired car we've tested" (and it was a non-turbo, 650 venom)

    So why the hell is a srt10 with 150 more HP, slower????? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

  19. although i will add that the 800tt had a 12mph better trap speed in the 1/4, but it took .3 seconds more to get there.
  20. Well, it was also on street tires, so it probably just had much less traction getting off the line, trap speed was still a lot higher though.
  21. Im digging it alot
  22. Look at the 0-60 time. The 650R, tested by MT drivers at another location, got there .5 second quicker. That's huge. This tells us that traction can certainly be an issue. I'd be willing to bet the Venom in the MT test session got a far better 60' time. Probably much greater than the what the .3 second ET difference suggests.
    Also, MT corrects for altitude and conditions. R&T does not; R&T's usual test site is 350' above sea level, but I've seen a handful of tests where they test at 980' (and one where they tested at 1600'). They have also gone on record as saying they don't flat bang out the best times possible, but rather try to show what a typical enthusiast-level driver may find with their own car.

    If my physics is any good, the numbers indicate from 60 mph to their trap speeds, the avg acceleration results are:
    650R: 3.97m/s^2
    SRT-10 800TT: 4.88m/s^2

    That's a 22.9% increase in acceleration for the 800TT over the 650R. Fairly significant, I'd say. So, there's more to it than just ET, which has just as much to do with traction and driver skill levels as anything else.
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  25. only because it was done on a slippery track according to JH himself...and on street tires with that kind of power= lots of spin...


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