Ventross R35 GTR

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    Vorsteiner is an American tuning firm that until now has specialized in modifying German performance cars from the likes of BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Porsche. The company has now established a subdivision called Ventross that will be focused on Japanese models, and its second order of business after last year’s Lexus IS-F is a new styling kit for the all-conquering Nissan GT-R.

    The Ventross GT-R is modified with a sporty dry carbon fiber front chin spoiler. The spoiler features a center air channel that allows air to cool down the front brake system, while also increasing downforce. Meanwhile, the rear end of the vehicle features a lightweight dry carbon fiber boot lid with a built in spoiler that reduces the weight over the factory steel unit by up to 50%. Finally, an integrated carbon fiber rear diffuser complements the new bootlid, while also enhancing the factory stacked exhaust design. Also available in the Ventross package is a three-piece forged aluminum wheel set in 19 and 20in sizes.

    According to Vorsteiner, all the aero parts are manufactured with a carbon fiber honeycomb matrix (CFHM) structure. This gives them superior stiffness, strength and durability compared to traditional hand laid carbon fiber and fiberglass materials.

    The carbon fiber aero components for the Nissan GT-R are slated for market release on June 1st of this year.
  2. woooooooooooow
  3. Who says bricks are not awesome?
  4. meh, brick on wheels
  5. I think it's ugly
  6. It still lacks the smooth lines of a proper performance car
  7. pile o crap
  8. smooth? The 599 is pretty ugly too
  9. Nice troll attempt
  10. no, that's what it doesn't miss...
  11. nice datsun
  12. profile is sweet, details are meh
  13. takes an american to make the gtr nice
  15. I fail to see why this is hot? Is that real pics, the roof and the general shape of the car looks weird?
  16. you dont fail, you succeed to see why its not hot
  17. I actually do like the Ferrari. The GTR looks like some genetic car from a Namco racing game.

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