Vern Schuppan's 962's

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  1. So I follow Katana Ltd who restore 956 and 962 race cars and do an amazing job on Instagram.

    They shared this post about the first 962LM prototype, the red car that burnt to a crisp after testing at MIRA way back when.

    I had records on the 962CR's for six cars with the sixth car being a hybrid of bodywork with a normal 962 front half and a 962CR rear half and assumed that they had made six CR's altogether but after talking with Katana I think I've got them straightened out.







    Prototype LM sadly gone



    Hybrid car known as 962CR06

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  2. Lol the Russians
    Screenshot_20190729-071833_Samsung Internet.jpg
  3. Nice to see you're still posting!

    The pic from the MPH05 show could be one of mine! I took a bunch of detail shots of that car when I saw it, but I lost all of them when an old external HDD failed.
  4. I still have all my old stuf :eek:

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  5. I love the Schuppan. Remember when we had these kinds of images to go on? Nippon#1

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  6. My photos were essentially identical to those!

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