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  2. that is super nice.
  3. sweet job dude...
  4. nice. that door adds a great touch
  5. that's amazing, how much time did this take you? and how do you get your colors that good with shadows ad stuff?
  6. I love the Vertigo Streiff and you did a good job modding it here.
  7. You have a serious FMIC fetish.
  9. you do the best photoshops ive ever seen. nice job
  10. God that is nice. Looks to be your best work yet, from what I've seen. And that is REALLY saying something.
  11. You should make a tutorial on how to do this!
  12. Hello.

    I had to change my account name because there was no way for me to get the original one to work....sorry.

    Many thanks for keeping this thread alive.

    I would consider making tutorials, but my technique is really not easy to transform into a lesson...I do everything in my own crazy fast has hell way. But I'll try to answer any simple/specific doubts some people might have.

    Have fun.

  13. man, you have some real talent, great work!
  14. awesome. +1

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