very expensive mercedes

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by TRYME4480, Oct 11, 2004.

  1. a 1.5 million dollar car and it can only do 201 mph but the interior is dead sexy!!!
  2. heres pics!!!
  3. only 201...:s
  4. i cant get the pics to upload and yes only 201 th mcClaren F1 does 247 mph
  5. Mac never did 247... And 1.5 million is not just guying you top speed. Its buying you exclusivity and a name.
  6. thats right i wasnt thinking right
  7. pics please?
  8. nothing I guess.
  9. Lamest thread ever
  10. So why are new dumbass members allowed to make threads. Completely pointless.
  11. I'd laugh if it was a Maybach
  12. if it was in v2.0 this would be the worst thread ever.

    but not anymore.
  13. Either way, maybe the comment will discourage him from future thread-making
  14. there is nothing that will discourage indie noobs from being idiots. nothing.
  15. all you guys are #$%#ing annoying, who cares if he cant upload the pictures. so what if he is a noob. all of you need to not go on so much and get a grip.
  16. you are also a noob,, and must die.

    do it now please.
  17. he cant upload pictures, and he is a noob, therefore he will fill the forum with useless crap that we have to filter through to get anything worthwhile.

    i go on because i want to talk about, and learn more about cars. (at least thats why i used to come) i dont want to sit here and filter through a whole pile of stupid noob threads.
  18. Im seriously gonna leave if i see another thread like this!
  19. well, dont go to modified cars or american cars till they've been cleaned out then or you will leave.
  20. who cares if someone's a noob?? like ive said before without noobs there wouldn't be any forums would there? so for all of you complaining about noobs and things you can't control...shut up.
  21. he better not be taling about a clk gtr because that is around the price one would go for and the top speed of a clk gtr is320.0 kph / 198.8 mph
  22. Haha i saw a merc S55 today with a license plate that said "CIE YA"
  23. Rofl this thread is funny. In truth, the ppl complaining are having fun guess what car this guys talking about.

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