very expensive mercedes

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by TRYME4480, Oct 11, 2004.

  1. there are normal noobs who dont know very much, but dont make stupid threads very much. then there are the noobs who make a whole pile of useless threads, and think they know everything. doyle, and bbstachas2 are prime examples of this.

    we can do without the latter.
  2. I'm so sure the guy must have already abandoned his "viper18" identity and signed up again with another name...

  3. Not the INAANP(InterNational Association for the Advancement of Noob People)again! They're taking over they must be stopped.
  4. actually i havnt abandond my name and im not a noob watever the hell that means im just someone thats mostly into american cars that like to hear wat you have to say and if you look at other sites you cant garantee the top speed of the mercedes clk gtr because i have found that from all different sites that this cars top speed ranges from 196.4-202.1 mph so dont tell me i dont kno wat im talkin about cars are my life.
  5. You're a retard.
  6. I'd like to buy a verb... and a dot
  7. Who says noobs don't know very much? i mean what if Peter Schwarzenbauer were to join today? he would be a "noob" and he certainly knows plenty about cars. But i do agree with you that there are more than enough noobs "who make a whole pile of useless threads, and think they know everything." I'm just sayin lighten up a bit, everyone here was a noob at one point in time.
  8. hehhehe.. McClaren..
  9. there are noobs that know lots and they show it. but the majority of noobs really dont know anything about cars.

    the noobs that know lots generally hang out on other forums cause they hear this place is full of kiddies and idiots.

    i know i was a noob at one time, but i didnt even register till i had been reading the forums for about half a year.

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