Very nice Corvette

Discussion in '1998 Specter Corevtte GTR' started by Cam1, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Plus, this is Pre-LS6 engine mods. (ie, hollow stem valves, etc.) its making its power in different ways, and its not only about how much power u make, its about where you make the power. you could have a 200hp car versus a 600hp car, and if the 200hp car makes 200hp off idle all the way up, and the 600hp car only makes its power from 8-10000rpm :):cough, cough::, honda, ::cough, cough:, then the 600hp car will probably loose. (this is an extreme example).

    this is wholly untrue.

    1) most cars that rev high have less weight so that much toruqe is really unnecessary

    2) drag slicks or normal tires? cuz if the car made monster torque it'd be fishtailing for a long time

    3) define the lenght of acceleration. perhaps in the quarter mile a slightly less erratic exmple would prove true, bring it to a whole mile you might see that gap close to almost near dead even

    4) most cars with higher revs utilize very aggressive gearing. i'm not saying that low end power should be sacrificed, but the power band should lean towards the top end. after all that's what all road racing vehicles do with the oreca vipermaking peak power at *ahem 7000 rpm. so while one car must shift and effectively slow down is acceleration, the other happily builds up torwards its torque peak making the maximum push and extends that toruqe peak for another 2000 rpms or so.

    when you shift you want to be as close to your peak torque as possible (preferable a bit lower) and still be making good horsepower (hp = torque *rpm/5252) so it would be stupid for a car that has a peak rev of about 5000-6000 to drop its power to peak torque in the 3000 range where its making less power than torque. on the other hand if you have a car that revs higher (8000 rpm limit), but has less torque, it could happily shift, reduce its revs, yet still go to peak torque (assuming most cars like this make peak toruqe at around 5500rpms) and still make more power than torque.

    get it?

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    the body looks kinda like a Z06... but a real nice car... little heavy though but still nice car. if anyone could get the top speed or more pictures of this car it would be much apreciated
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    very sweet looking car ....not my favourite Corvette but definately a kick ass car

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