Vette Or Mustang??

Discussion in '2001 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe' started by HsvGto, Jul 7, 2003.

  1. Personally i prefer the Vette.
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    Which Vette, which Mustang.
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    Which car do u prefer in General. If you could own any vette or any mustang which one would it be.
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    id prob take a Zo6 over a cobra just because im disapointed in fords cheap hp superchargers. Even though it is a amazing machine and the only reason they made a 380hp mustang is because the mustang is fords corvette pretty much ford has 2 seater performance car that i know of i mean if there wasent a corvette there would have been 380 hp camaros stock. But GM couldnt have there camaros beatin the corvettes(there ultimate performance car
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    id take the corvette any day.
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    I'd take the vette...but then sell it and buy a brand new BMW M3! So the only reason I picked the vett is because they are worth more.
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    I whould pick neter i would pick the acura nsx. Its worh more, its as fast, it looks better, it has a better build Qulaity, and more fon to drive.
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    Theres no way u can compare an nsx to a vette. Corvette is way quicker and drives better. Its also cheaper
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    definetly get the vette. it handles so much better from what i have heard about mustangs. i myself own a 2000 vette and the handling id amazing. the corvette is also faster.
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    Hee Hee, a new STi would come damn close to beating this thing. That came out of nowhere, I just love the new STi.

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