Vettel in Senna's league - Ascanelli

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    Vettel in Senna's league - Ascanelli
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    Sebastian Vettel is in the same league as triple world champion Ayrton Senna, according to Toro Rosso director Giorgio Ascanelli.

    Ascanelli worked with Vettel during his time at Toro Rosso in 2007 and 2008, and had previously worked with Senna in his McLaren days. Having been able to see both of the drivers at close quarters, Ascanelli said that they both delivered "perfection", while also adding that seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher - who he worked alongside at Ferrari - was less naturally gifted then either Vettel or Senna.

    "I am very lucky," Ascabelli told Sport Bild. "Twice in my life I have experienced perfection; once with Senna, again with Vettel. In one respect Michael was different because he had to work harder for his success than did Senna and Vettel. With those two it was something else."

    Although stopping short of making similar comparisons, Gerhard Berger said he felt that the championship leader was now the most complete racer on the grid.

    "Before the season began I thought Alonso was the best driver, but maybe now it's Sebastian," Berger said.
  2. For now I agree. I never got to watch Senna personally but from watching old races, the Top Gear Senna tribute, and the recent Senna film I see a lot of Senna in Vettle. With his one lap out of no where polls.

    BUT, in a big contradiction: Vettle is not a passer. He's not a racer like Senna was. Hamilton is more like Senna in this mannor.
  3. Please. Vettel isn't Senna. Not even close.
  4. should I get my popcorn?
  6. vettel will have to die before he can be as great as senna, actually, thats the only way anyone can rival him in people's eyes.
  7. truth
  8. and yes
  10. Vettel can qualify fine with a car that is miles per second faster than any other car on the grid. Put Hamilton in the same car, and I'd expect him to outmatch Vettel every Q3. He really puts the car on the limit whereas Vettel lets the car do the job for him even when he makes errors (somewhat akin of Schumacher from the Ferrari era). Hamilton has the "it" factor that I saw in Senna. The same unmatched style of aggression and race craft yet conservation if need be.
  11. You're comparing which aspects of Senna that Hamilton and Vettle each shared, we are on board. None of us agree with Ascanelli though. Ron Dennis had every opportunity to say Hamilton was in Senna's league, I'm really glad he hasn't made this mistake.

    In my own opinion, Seb and Lewis (like Senna and Schu) equally good drivers but with noticeably differing skills/strengths.
  12. Agree.
  13. Vettel has seriously upped his game this year, he looks red hot.

    We have to keep in mind too that we currently have a SERIOUSLY talented field at this time, perhaps the strongest field of drivers we've ever seen in F1, and thats without including Kubica. So for Vettel to be so competitive really is a sign that the kid really is a bit special.
  14. Well, he does have pedigree in knocking out his teammates.
  15. This. Vettel has a lot of work to do to reach Hamilton's level, let alone Senna's.
  16. Everyone praises LH so much but hes made the stupidest mistakes ive ever seen. Now Vettel has two collisions with other drivers in 2010 and now most people dont think hes not a top driver

  17. Vettel is a top driver, But he's not in Senna's league.
  18. i kind of think it's pointless to even compare the two in the first place (or compare any current driver to senna)

    edit: but im not disagreeing with the possibility either, since the guy actually worked with both drivers so I assume he knows wtf he is talking about
  19. Senna never wrecked out of races...
  20. I think he is but not in the way you guys seem to think of it. by that I mean car set up.

    Senna was very particular with how his car was set up. Vettel has many of those same traits. look at the leap red bull made once Vettel was part of the team to before. that leap doesn't come without a driver that knows what they're doing.
  21. I think some Newey bloke probably had more influence than Vettel.
  22. Hah. As if Senna was ever as good as Vettel.
  23. yes but thats useless if the driver/drivers don't give the correct feedback.
  24. Vettel, Hamilton, Senna, and Schumacher all did stupid, embarrassing, and shameful things during their careers. It's part of being great.
  25. Take out all of the traction controls and computer shenanigans and see how good Vettel and Hamilton are.

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