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  1. Oh this car was more ballsy than that car, he couldnt have done it blah blah blah

    none of those cars were even close to the scariest of the racecars built. early 70s can am cars, or something like moby dick, or the turbine cars or any of that stuff was way more manly than anything F1 has seen in the last 25 years.
  2. Let's just go back to the 1930's Auto-Unions or discuss cage fighting or whatever
  3. I agree with the 2 above posts.
  4. #$%# yeah!

    burnouts at 120 mph!

    you can literally see the hair burst from their manly chests every time they step on the go pedal.
  5. Oh man those forums are hilarious

    78aj wrote on Fri, 22 April 2011 06:35

    wow what a joke, i find it almost offensive to mention the name vettel in the same sentence as Senna let alone paragraph... the only resemblance is pole positions, but even then Senna took poles in cars that were much slower than the form car of that particular year... cant see vettel doing that.
    now i have gone and metioned both names twice in 1 paragraph /headdesk

  6. Just pushing buttons ona straight? did you forget what an F1 steering wheel looks like?

    its ok though since Vettel and Hamilton dont drive actual race cars anyways
  7. I'm not claiming that they don't drive actual race cars. I'm just claiming that mid-80s turbo cars were harder to drive than modern cars. Understand?
  8. I think todays cars are probably just as hard to drive as the older cars. Older cars had less grip, and way less aero grip, which should make them a lil more predictable. Todays cars rely so heavily on aero, that once you exceed the limits, it bites really hard due to the loss of almost all of your traction from aero, and even the bumps in the road affect the downforce/traction more in todays cars than the cars of yesterday. Add in the fact the drivers are adjusting diffs/brake bias, etc...several times a lap. Seems difficult to me. (i would still rather manual trannies though)
  9. I'm not sure about that and I don't think I could be without first-hand experience, but you raise some good points. The bumps in the road effecting downforce/traction is what killed Senna IMO, based on the evidence I've read.
  10. Cars are less sensitive to aero changes than they used to be when they were mostly ground effect cars.

    and theyve had adjustable bias and such for years and years.
  11. we are talking about senna's time, GE cars were banned in the early 80's i belive.
  12. At least vettel knows how to turn left instead of into walls.
  13. 7/10
  14. I lol'd
  15. I still can't believe Vettel won a race in a Toro Rosso.

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