Veyron-beating ‘911’ set to blast in

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  1. Porsche-based GT9 has huge power to give pace to match its looks

    Auto Express Car Reviews
    By Jack Rix
    24th July 2008

    Meet the car that makes a Bugatti Veyron seem slow! It’s called the GT9 – and can claim to be one of the fastest roadgoing models ever made.

    German tuner 9ff has been developing the Porsche-based machine for a number of years. But this is the first time pricing and details have been released.

    The front end is borrowed from a 911 GT3, although the rest of the chassis is unique, and has been constructed using strong yet lightweight carbon and kevlar fibre. With its low roof, the car is only 1.18 metres tall, while an extreme bodykit practically scrapes the road surface. Both features are crucial to help achieve the 254mph top speed – 1mph higher than a Veyron!

    Under the bonnet, the GT9’s engine is sourced from the 996-generation Porsche 911 Turbo. Reworked turbos, dry sump lubrication and a gold-finished induction plate boost power to 973bhp and torque to 964Nm. And as the car weighs only 1,326kg, it should cover 0-60mph in 3.4 seconds.

    Potential buyers need to be just as quick to get their hands on a GT9, though – only 20 examples will be made, each with a price tag of £394,000.
  2. to many claims
  3. 254mph technically put it in second place. good job 9ff.

    at least it looks good.
  4. Its not what the Veyron does, its how easily it does it that will never be matched. Sure the Veyron will be beaten in top speed, 0-60, etc. But it will not be beaten with the ease with which it does what it does. The GT9 will probably - like most super cars, SSC UA included - feel like its going to break apart when it hits those speeds, for the most part the cars feel like the will disintigrate when they hit their top speeds. The Veyron on the other hand doesn't even flinch and feels just as secure going 253mph as it does going 53mph. That is what sets it apart, everything else is just a cheap immitation.


    Granted I love the SSC UA and am impressed with what it does, its a radically different approach than what the Veyron went with and imo the two shouldn't even really be compared in the first place. Two completely different design philosophies, both the best of the best.
  5. "Meet the car that makes a Bugatti Veyron seem slow!"

    It's 1mph faster, and it takes 0.8 seconds more to get to 60mph.

    The Veyron doesn't seem slow at all.
  6. And it will have less soul than a disposable plastic spoon.
  7. Any pics?

    If it looks good at least, might be worth something.
  8. Oh jeez. ¬_¬
    I like the GT-R too but it's like you were dropped into a huge vat of fanboy juice as a baby, and have grown up into someone who wears Nissan baseball hats. Backwards.
  9. and it will look like a $65k carrera. exciting
  10. If you forget about the top speed and competing with the Veyron, it looks like a very competent sports car with good looks except for the rear view. I like it without even caring about the top speed.
  11. what a horrid interior.

    obviously not necessary, the veyron doesnt have this and will probably still be faster with it's limiter removed
  14. Do you ever make sense? You like the GTaRgh
  15. Its Auto Express making such over-the-top comments. 9ff are pretty down-to-earth. I dig.
  16. Not that 9ff guy actually knows what he is doing
  17. What are the news??? AutoBild already tested it at Papenburg, they did 409,0 km/h (254,1 mph). That's only 1.6 km/h faster than the Veyron. And the 0-100 km/h time is not 3,4, it's 4,3 due to traction problems.
  19. Whaaat the fuuuuuck is with the rear end?
  20. That looks so terribly cheap and tacky its unbelieveable.
  21. I'm sure you meant functional and well engineered
  23. they have got to stop using the GT1 style rear end with the hidden lights, they are over-doing a functional aspect of a racing car as a design method that looks like shit
  24. There's something not right with the world if Auto-Express aren't making themselves look like complete buffoons.
  25. a car so fast they didn't have time to draw a rear

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