Veyron Centenaire: 1400ps, 440 Kph - 273.5 Mph

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  1. no not yet porb them tomorrow when the show opens
  2. In Bugatti Racing Blue, this is as close to the perfect GT as this planet will ever see. I can't wait for the evo review. Also, I really hope VAG can sink this monstrous powertrain into a body designed from the groundup for performance, not luxury and style. There, it will be able to live up to its full power, unhindered by poor cooling and airflow.
  3. it's too heavy for motorsport and it's torque likely too overwhelming for a typical racing car gearbox/chassis/it just seems like a bad idea.

    edit: i'd love to see it in a Bentley, though!
  4. Good point about the weight, the second part just would require some good engineering. Point well taken.
  5. LOL at the idea of a veyron race car
  6. as anything, but a 1000hp flying spur would result in a 1000hp flying spurt spurt spurt.
  7. Ridiculously awesome.
  8. Wow, its so overboard I have zero interest is what it actually is right now.
  9. yes but the collisions cause whatever's hit to time travel so we'll never see it
  10. nobody ever said anything about a veyron race car...
  11. This is good.
  12. seriously wtf
  13. Well at top speed yes but from 0-186 mph (the bikes electronic limit), All 2008/09 literbikes, busas and zx14s, will easily take a veyron down.

    Something like a turbo busa/mtt superbike on the other hand would make the veyron its #%!@.
  14. and then try turning a corner...
  15. I rather have a car for handling than a horsepower monster.
  16. lol
  17. its not a monster if it properly manages the power. those tuned supras and corvettes are monsters with half the power, this is built for the power and is a tamed beast.
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  20. holy poop that's fast
  21. its amazing how ignorant some people are...but I guess its to be expected on a car forum.

    Carry on.
  22. For god sakes people it's NOT GOING TO HAPPEN
  23. didnt it just happen?
  24. From the Bugatti Press site:

    (paint, trim, and wheel - just like every other "special" Veyron... lame)

    The Veyron “Bleu Centenaire”
    Building on the marque’s core values of « Art – Forme – Technique » , Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. has
    created the Bugatti Veyron Bleu Centenaire, a unique model to celebrate the hundred year old history of the
    company. This special model takes up the traditional Bugatti two-tone-specification, but portrays it in one
    rather than two colours: in the most known light shaded Bugatti blue. The Centenaire’s unique combination
    of a « sprintblue matt » and « sprintblue gloss » hence offers a new impression of the two-tone-scheme
    known so far with parts of the engine also covered in this traditional Bugatti Blue.
    The roof-trim-stripes and the exterior rearview mirrors are of polished, anodised aluminium. A special wheel
    design has been added – enhanced by a bright red brake-capillar. The grills at the front and at the side air
    intakes are in « mirror shine ».
    2 Bugatti
    The interior of the Centenaire is fitted in a special «snowbeige» leather with quilting on the seats. The
    central console is covered in the same leather. New LED lights, Park Distance Control and a rearview camera
    have become part of the standard equipment for all Bugatti Veyrons from this year onwards. The Bleu
    Centenaire shares all performance characteristics of other Veyron models performance-, acceleration- and
    deceleration characteristics which have been highly praised ever since the Bugatti Veyron first appeared on
    the scene. The car will cost 1,35 Million Euro exclusive taxes and transportation.

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