Veyron-like exhaust

Discussion in '2006 Lamborghini Murciélago LP 640' started by Joao Gois, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. Iknow it's not the same but it really resembles the (central) exhaust from the Veyron. Or the Koenigsegg. VW influence...
  2. i love this car, is about time lamborghini bought some more power out of that engine
  3. I don't think they really had to bump the displacement up, though I do like the sound of 640hp
  4. 640 hp! woaw!
  5. ive allways liked lamborghini more than ferrari! and now, finnaly, lamborghini reclaims the first place between the two!!! GO LAMBO GO!!! ferarri sucks by the way...
  6. marko doo haar rrrr����tttt! // ben benlala... hehe
  7. but ferrari dont totally suck, they are just worse than all other supercars! i dont like the way they makes their engines, small, and very tuned up, and about 400-500 hp, sometimes less. other combanies, like lamborghini or pagani makes BIG engines and dont tune them so much, and even though they have more power, up to 600, sometimes more... otherwise, ferrari is good, low weigh and hign rpm... but the small engines brakes down faster... thats all i've got to say for now... thats why i dont like ferrari.....
  8. your so #$%#ing right!!
  9. Hell #$%#ing yeah! I hate Ferraris! You're so right about them being worse than other supercars. Lambos are the champs, the best. Big engines are much better to deal with then freakin small ones. But just one thing...Pagani doesn't make their own engines. They just bore out and tune Mercedes engines, which I'm not a big fan of. Granted, they're big and got power, but I'm not a Mercedes fan. Big, naturally aspirated engines are the best. Go Lambo and go BMW S72 engine (the one from the McLaren F1).

    As for the comment on the exhaust, yeah, I can see what you mean. But, like mentioned, there is the whole VW influence since, as we all, know, Lamborghini is owned by VW, as is Audi, Bugatti, and Bentley. Thanks to that, the Lamborghini LM00X and the upcoming Bentley SUV concept all share the same chassis as the Audi Q5.
  10. Not to dump on your parade but you guys are detached from reality. "Ferrari's worse than all other supercars." Yeah, right.
  11. you (youngJae)is the smartest person on this site! at once someone that agrees with me! "violet harenchi" agrees with me too, but he is my friend and lives just 150 meters away from my house... i allso likes normal aspiration, but a supercharger or a turbo is'nt wrong either. i know that mercedes makes the pagani-engines, it is a mercedes-star on the engine. just at the bmw-emblem is on the mclaren f1 engine. and the americans say that the mclaren is 100% american, it is mostly german, because bmw made it! and even if some people cant see that ferrari is worse than other cars, they are!!! and we know it!!!
  12. First off... Kissing ass will not bring you anywhere. Second... No American will claim that the McLaren is American, because most car fans know it is British. The whole thing is built in the UK by Murray, except the engine, which is produced by BMW in Germany. America is in no way involved. Third... Ferrari has produced some of the greatest cars in history, and what's the deal with you racking down on Ferrari? Break down easily? Sure, if they were low-quality cars, their relatively "small" engines might break own easily, but they are very high-quality cars, and if they did break down very quickly, their reputation would be hurt, when in fact, they are selling better than ever. Lamborghini and Pagani are excellent cars, yes, but Ferrari is no worse than them. If you could bring up the numbers, I might feel more inclined to agree with you, but currently, all you have done is prove yourself an ignorant dumbass lacking in common sense. You are obviously a fanboy, and it's just a matter of taste if you like a specific car manufacturer or not. Have you read up on the history of Ferrari and the likes? You might have had more respect for them if you did.

    How old are you? 12?
  13. The bottom line is, people who buy Ferrari's, buy it for the speed, speed and more speed that they can get out of it and thats IT! On the otherhand, people who buy Lamborghini's, buy it because they also want to feel some luxury while going fast. As for your comment about Ferrari's not being good cars because they dont have a big naturally aspirated engine like a lamborghini, that is just your opinion and the reason is because Ferrari is the only car company in the world that makes ONLY racing cars.
    You sound like a guy who would approach another driving a Range Rover and tell him, "Your car is too big so i think it sucks."

    I agree with Archaeopteryx and add that you should know some Ferrari company history before bad-mouthing it.
  14. your an asshole
  15. as said before, thats only, ONLY my opinion, and im sure that the cars have good quality, i just ment that small engines break down faster, but one advantage is that they have higher rpm. and i dont try to be mean to those who likes ferrari...

    and that about mclaren f1, i saw a supercar-program on discovery, and a guy said: "McLaren f1 is more american than any other car, it is made in USA and all americans is proud of it! America has made the fastest car in the world!!!"

    and i know like 10 cars that is faster and was made for about 6 years ago... and people says that the mclaren is still the fastest, UNTRUE! ...and it was made a secret version of it that was tested and the topspeed of that was 437.8 km/h, UNTRUE!!!

    ...and ferrari maybe in'nt worse, but it is something with them that i dont like, as i said earlier etc. and people who think that they know everything and says that ferrari is the fastest is just very enoying... did i spell that right??? anyway, its impossible for me to be 12 because im from sweden, and all 12-year-old kids that i know can only say 30 words maybe, and spell none, im acctually 15, and worked with cars since i was 6 years old! if you dont want me to "bad-mouth" ferrari, don't "bad-mouth" what you think my age is...
  16. do you want some proof that im from sweden??? i can say some words and you can go to the libary and buy a dictionary and translate it...

    Hej din fula faan!!! jag ska knulla din mamma i arslet!!! Sedan ska ja br�nna ner ditt fula lilla hus och sparka dig s� h�rt att dina barn och barnbarn ska f� lida din j�vla r�vknullande snigel!!!
  17. hahaha
  18. rotfl ;p
  19. nice of you to recognize that, maybe u are an expert in the field of assholes
  20. are you talking to me or the guy who said it???
  21. ...but is'nt it funny, or just strange that a guy in that show on discovery could say something like that, i did'nt know that it was mostly made in britan, but anyway...

    obviestly he had a mclaren as well...........!!!
  22. Hold kjeft, din forpulte idiot. Hvis du virkelig er 15 er du ekstremt barnslig, spesielt å kalle andre folk "stygge" ting over Internet. Skaff deg et liv, mann!

    Snakk med en psykiater eller noe sånt, jeg tror du kunne hatt godt av det.
  23. Well, the parts in the last paragraph there certainly seem to fit with the whole general Norwegian stereotype about Swedes, especially the 30-word thing. And what specifically do you mean with "working with cars?" That could mean a lot of different things.

    Please feel free to make a list of 10 series-produced cars since 6 years ago that have surpassed the McLaren in terms of top speed. I'm betting you couldn't. And I think everyone who calls himself a car-fan will be able to brush off Americans that claim the McLaren is theirs, and the incredulous claim of 437.8 km/h, but obviously, people who are confused about it will check up on it and try to justify their opinion.

    I really have nothing against you, except for the fact you are very immature (15? really?) and that you keep talking out of your ass.
  24. You're not entirely right. Ferrari doesn't ONLY produce racing cars. There have been exceptions, for example the 456 and the 612 Scaglietti, which are more luxury grand tourers than racing cars.

    People who buy Ferraris, more so now than before, buy it for the exclusivity, image, and THEN speed. There are purists, of course, who buy it for speed and the speed only. But their numbers are decreasing.
  25. I'm not entirely too sure about your comment on exclusivity, image, and speed comment, Archaeopteryx. Yes, those three comments hold true, but the order I question. The word "Ferrari" is usually the first to pop into someone's mind when fast cars are mentioned. Almost always, in most areas, high speed is linked to Ferraris. Yes, they have awesome performance numbers, but I do not like them. I've already mentioned my opinions on why I don't like them and I'm not going to bother repeating them. So that said, "speed," "image," and then "exclusivity" would be the order I'd put the words together. That's just me, to let you know.

    Now, if you don't mind, how about we just settle this kid-dissing and return to talking about Lamborghinis since that's what this forum was originally about. On that note, again, I agree with the comment on the Veyron-like exhausts. Typical, VW touch. Yes, does anyone else agree?

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